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"You get where you wonder how life got so whipless. Been there before, didn't want to go back.

"Did anyway.

"It happens. You end up staring at your boots asking how they got so wet. How the water on them got so hard. Guess these days, there ain't enough grinders like me left on the streets. Everything's darker than it used to be – more burnt, less clean.

"Some new Master Roaster comes into town and tampers with the trade and everything ends up in the knock box and the water gets hard again and runs the drains over.

"And when there ain't enough grinders like me who're willing to crawl down in there, down into the sewers to filter it all back out, then all that hard water creeps up higher and higher till it spoils us all..."

Jett Cropper's best friend dies from a bad coffee roast that had been laced with chicory. To find the new burnt Master Roaster behind this mess, Jett dives into the city's underworld to bring back justice no matter the cost…

Told through both words and pictures, Cold Brewed takes place in a classic prohibition-era world where coffee is currency. The story uses silent film and film noir techniques, but favors classy black and white photographs over pencil sketches--a grittier grandson of the narrative form developed in Selznick's books "The Invention of Hugo Cabret" and "Wonderstruck." 

Shot and produced in and around Joplin, Missouri, Cold Brewed testifies to the art revival happening in our formerly tornado-devastated town.

Mysteries & Thrillers
January 20
Lance Schaubert
Lance Schaubert
Grades 6-17

Customer Reviews

Amyonthepoint ,

Cold Brewed

Unique, captivating and entertaining! This book uses photography to tell a story in a way that's different, refreshing and creative! Easy read, and fun!

YES, read this!! ,

Read it.

This is a fascinating read. Absolutely check it out!!

M_Guil ,

Wonderfully crafted

A Noir renewal that is incredibly well done. A delightful read? No doubt. However, I was taken by the level of careful thought and construction of the photography. The images alone are worth extended periods of reflection. The photographer truly understands both sides of the viewfinder. With the contrast of Kertesz, the whimsy of Halsman and the power of Hine the art direction solid - forged out of a simple and pure desire to create good art.

Well worth your time - Cold Brewed is truly a rare find - a gem amongst the flotsam and jetsam of “freebies” readily available on iTunes/iBooks.