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This is not your typical rock star romance. For one, the “rock star” is a rapper. And not just any rapper. Trace is the hottest ticket in the music industry right now, regardless of which definition of ‘hot’ you choose.

Taryn Starr is not the girl-next-door who unknowingly meets a celebrity. Known as “America’s Sweetheart,” the reigning country music princess and world-renowned superstar knows exactly who Trace is…or does she?

Their worlds collide when the musicians whose paths were never destined to cross are forced by their joint record label to collaborate on a song. The sparks fly and ignite a fire that blazes hotter with every minute they spend together—for better or worse. One thing’s for certain, the two media magnets can’t deny their explosive chemistry, but will life in the spotlight ultimately bring Trace and Taryn together or force them apart?

***This contemporary romance new adult novel is for mature audiences. The language alone would make a sailor blush (the guy’s a rapper, remember?) so 18+ only, please.

January 26
Michelle Lynn/ Nevaeh Lee
Michelle Kim

Customer Reviews

~Mindy Lou~ ,

Great Ending!

This was very well written. I think it was a unique storyline pairing up a rapper and a country singer. However, I do struggle with groupies and paparazzi and don't really like them in my books. This played a big part into why this wasn't a higher rated book.

Trace was not an easy character to like in the beginning. He kept saying he was not what everyone thought but it took a bit of time in the story to truly see that.

Taryn's mom was hell bent on keeping Taryn's reputation as the country industries sweetheart and for the most part she really was. She was down to earth, thanks to her father and just a kind person.

Trace and Taryn just seem to be from two different world's. She wasn't out partying it up like him or brawling and going to jail like him or even getting mixed up with groupies like Trace did. As much as they weren't alike, you do find that they had a lot in common and the more the story progressed the more their worlds came together.

Once Trace focused on Taryn and less on his image, I actually really liked him. I liked them both together. The last portion of the book really made this book worth the read.

Missywalt ,

I want more!!!

I loved Collaboration, the characters couldn't have been portrayed any better. Such an amazing novel..I couldn't put the book down:) I really hope you consider writing about Eli and Gina! Amazing author!!

Annmric8 ,

Found no connection with characters.

Now that we've gotten the introductions under way the author can start writing about the actual storyline. No clue what the topic of this story is, yet. It's starts with an award show for music artist and then follows with the after parties.
So far it's terrible. Apparently, Taryn and Trace are working together on a song. It's about opposites, which they are. Taryn is a white country female singer and Trace is a black male rap singer. So far the story is about Trace and is partying and wild womanizing ways. Trace is a player and a partygoer.
A pissing contest between Trace and Ryder. Both guys are interested in Taryn.
Drab. The daily routine of life on the road touring is boring. I do not need to read about this life style.
The story was too wordy. Filled with unnecessary fillers. The day to day routines of there lives was uninteresting.
Unfortunately, I did not enjoy this story. In fact, I skimmed through most it. Found no connection with any characters.

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