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After losing her sister to a serial killer years earlier, scientist Mia Lindgren survives by focusing on the most dangerous viruses known to man. She’s become adept at shutting herself off from human contact—until her lab partner drowns under suspicious circumstances. 

Forced to accept the assistance of Nick Doyle, an FBI counter-terrorism expert on leave, she soon realizes someone at the Institute is involved in a deadly deception. As she and Nick race to find a killer who will stop at nothing to accomplish his version of Armageddon, they can’t ignore their own chemistry. But can Mia truly put the past to rest?

October 18
The Wild Rose Press, Inc
The Wild Rose Press, Inc

Customer Reviews

AllyKitten22 ,

Creative Storyline with Realistic Details!!

---4.5 Stars---

Excellent read! Fantastic characters! Creative storyline with realistic details!

I love a good mystery, suspense book and this one totally fits the bill!

After Mia Lindgren, a scientist, who had lost her sister to a serial killer a few years earlier, completely throws herself into her work full-time. As Mia thought she had put her past behind her, that is all about to change after Mia’s lab partner turns up dead under very suspicious circumstances. Mia realizes she is about to fall back into the suspense, mystery, and intrigue realm while she tries to determine if there is another killer on the loose. As it starts to become more apparently so, Mia is forced to work with Nick Doyle, a sexy, but just as feisty, FBI counter-terrorism expert on leave. Together they team up to stop a madman interested in creating his version of Armageddon.

Bioterrorism is still a hot topic these days and a scary, but true possibility. Although, hopefully, the more we are aware and prepare, the more likely we can prevent and stop future attacks.

I hate reading books or watching shows that are just so farfetched or there’s no way that would ever happen and makes the whole book/show look so fake and phony – that is not the case here!

There are so many well thought out passages and very detailed scenes that it is obvious the author did an impressive job researching the material and representing the public health industry in a truthful and realistic manner.

As someone who has a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health and Urban Planning, and have worked on Center for Disease Control (CDC) projects and other government contracts, I am all too familiar with terrorism, bioterrorism, and weapons of mass destruction. So, I was very intrigued to read this book and it did not disappoint.

Of course, this book is not overly technical, there is a lot to the mystery and suspense side and even a budding romance!

I really liked the main characters, Mia and Nick. They were genuine, likable, and relatable. They both had real problems, flaws, and baggage. They worked well together, and their witty banter really played off each other. The characters fit well together and just seemed to complement one another. Not to mention their chemistry and passion that sizzled on and off the case.

All in all, I would definitely recommend this book as it has a lot to offer the reader! Although, this book is listed as book three in the series, it can absolutely be read on its own. I had not read the previous books in the series and had no problem following along or understanding this book.

**Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book and have voluntarily provided an honest, and unbiased review in accordance with FTC regulations.**

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