Collected Bodhi Leaves Publications

Volume I Numbers 1 to 30

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Collected Bodhi Leaves Publications Volume I includes Bodhi Leaves 1-30. This book contains 30 of the Bodhi Leaves Publication series, dealing with various aspects of the Buddha's teaching. 

BL 01: Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta, translated by Soma Thera 

BL 02: The Simpler Side of of the Buddhist Doctrine by Kassapa Thera 

BL 03: Earnestness by Vappo Thera 

BL 04 Of Gods and Men by Francis Story 

BL 05: The Lesser Discourse of the Buddha on the Elephant-footprint Simile, translated by Soma Thera 

BL 06: Buddhist Aids to Daily Conduct by Edward Greenly 

BL 07: One's Own Good - And Another's by David Maurice 

BL 08: The Four Sacred Shrines by Piyadassi Thera 

BL 09: How to Teach Buddhism to Children by Dr. H. Klar

BL: 10: Rabindranath Tagore and Buddhist Culture by S. Bimal Barua 

BL 11: Buddhist Ideals of Government by G. Vitanage 

BL 12: Attitudes to Life by Ruth Walshe 

BL 13: An Old Debate on Self by Soma Thera 

BL 14: Price and Conceit by Dr. E. Ashby and B. Fawcett 

BL 15: Buddhist Meditation by Francis Story 

BL 16: Comments on the Buddha Word J.D. Ireland 

BL 17: Buddhism and Democracy by K. Leidecker & B.P. Kirthisinghe 

BL 18: Buddhist Therapy by Ruth Walshe 

BL 19: The Dhamma by Bhikkhu Khema 

BL 20: Guide Posts for Buddhists by Sita Paulickpulle-Renfrew 

BL 21: Aspects of Buddhism by Piyadassi Thera 

BL 22: Great Saying of Anagarika Dharmapala by Bhikshu Sangharakshita 

BL 23: The Place of Animals by Francis Story 

BL 24: The Three Roots of Ill and Our Daily Life by Karel Werner 

BL 25: The Buddha Practical Teaching by John D. Ireland 

BL 26: Our Reactions to Dukkha by Dr. Elizabeth Ashby 

BL 27: Treasures of the Noble by Soma Thera 

BL 28: Escapism and the Escape and Buddhism and Mysticism by Y. M. Rao 

BL 29: A larger Rationalism by Francis Story 

BL30: Detachment by T.H. Perera

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