Collected Bodhi Leaves Publications Collected Bodhi Leaves Publications

Collected Bodhi Leaves Publications

Volume II Numbers 31 to 60

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Collected Bodhi Leaves Publications Volume II includes Bodhi Leaves 31-60. This volume brings together thirty collected essays by different authors that were earlier published by BPS as the treasured Bodhi Leaves series.

The Bodhi Leaves were originally published as a series of smaller booklets, hand-sized, between 16 and 40 pages in length. Their range of topics vary, and the tone is less expository and more conversational. Bodhi Leaves are intended to offer personal insights into the Buddha s teachings, close-up focus on specific ethical and social problems, and practical guidelines to living by the light of the Dhamma. This series was discontinued some years ago, but the texts are now available in this five volume series of Collected Bodhi Leaves.

    •   Collected Bodhi Leaves Volume II

    •   BL31 Meditation First Steps by P. M. Rao

    •   BL32: The Threefold Division of the Noble Eightfold Path by Piyadassi Thera 

    •   BL33: Extinction Without Remainder by Buddhadasa Bhikkhu

    •   BL34: Protection through Satipatthana by Nyanaponika Thera 

    •   BL35: The Four Cankers (Asava) by T.H. Perera

    •   BL36: Renunciation by T. Prince

    •   BL37: The Preparatory path by John D. Ireland 

    •   BL38: The Advantages of Merit by Bhikkhu Khantipalo

    •   BL39: The Supreme Conquerer by Francis Story

    •   BL40: Right Understanding by Bhikkhu Silabhadra

    •   BL41: Application of Dhamma by Siri Buddhasukh

    •   BL42: Buddhism: A Method of Mind Training by Leaornard Bullen

    •   BL43: The Relevance of Buddhism the in Modern World by Princess Poon Pismai Diskul

    •   BL44: Three Mental Faculties and Guarding the Doors of the Senses by Dr. Elizabeth Ashby

    •   BL45: This Self Business and Other Essays by M. O'C. Walshe / Natasha jackson / Dr. Elizabeth Ashby

    •   BL46: The Way to Happiness by H.L.B. Ellegala

    •   BL47: Woman in Ancient India by C.C. Weerasinghe

    •   BL48: Buddhist Observances and Practices by Piyadassi Thera

    •   BL49: Samsara and The Way of Dispassion by Francis Story

    •   BL50: Buddhist Ideas in English Poetry by Cyril Moore

    •   BL51: Meditation: The Inward Journey by John Andrew Storey

    •   BL52: Mindfulness - An All-Time Necessity by C.C. Knight and Reg McAuliffe

    •   BL53: Why Buddhism? Why Theravada? Theravada, Mahayana, Hinayana by M.O'C. Walshe

    •   BL54: Rebirth by John Andrew Storey

    •   BL55: The Scientific Approach to Buddhim and the Appeal of Buddhism by Francis Story

    •   BL56: Three Buddhist Tales by various authors

    •   BL57: The Story of the Mahinda, Sanghamitta and the Sri Maha-Bodhi by Piyadassi Thera

    •   BL58: An Actual Religion by Bhikkhu Silacara

    •   BL59: Buddhist Lay Ethics by Francis Story

    •   BL60: Mindfulness and Awareness by Nanavira Thera

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