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Indie publishers The Ginger Press present this collection of 6 new plays by Michael Louis Serafin-Wells - a winner of The London New Play Festival, New Voices West Honoree for Emerging American Playwrights and both a Verity Bargate and Heideman Award finalist. This collection includes:

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: On the eve of the 1988 Presidential election, a group of young people must ask: what are one's morals really worth when idealism becomes inconvenient? And where does one go when it's time to leave your youth behind?

SEVEN PAGES UNSIGNED: December 21, evening of the Winter Solstice. "The Darkest Night of the Year". Still reeling from the suicide of one of their number, friends gather for an engagement party, escaping to the roof but unable to elude the difficult choices each of them now face.

REAL REAL GONE : Two men brought together by the sudden and coincidental deaths of their fathers on the same day five years before, meet on its anniversary in an abandoned cemetery, ultimately confronting the past, each other and themselves.

THE “I” WORD: INTERNS: Idealistic Clinton White House interns face-off after one of their number is dismissed for leaking inside info to the press. Challenged by their superior, herself a one-time intern for Senator Robert F. Kennedy, they find a renewed sense of hope in "the lifetime of work" required to further their shared beliefs and the understanding those beliefs can and must overcome the frailties of any one individual.

DETAIL: Brother and sister meet in a bar the week before Christmas to exchange gifts and warily attempt coming to terms with the family from which they're both estranged amidst a sudden and secretive crisis.

TWO FROM THE LINE: Two men a get a little too personal watching a basketball game on television.

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August 13
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