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This 64 page celebration of the painted art of G.I.Joe: A Real American Hero features every carded figure, vehicle, playset, poster and peripheral product featuring painted art released from 1982-1983.

Arts & Entertainment
December 1
Locomotion Publishing, LLC
Robert Carson Mataxis

Customer Reviews

Evilmonkeys ,

Wonderful collection of vintage toy art!

This book brings back memories! Not only is it the definitive collection of restored photos of original G.I. Joe packaging artwork (1982-1983), but it is also a fine reference book for carded/boxed figures, vehicles, and more!

To be clear, this is an ART book. Do not expect an in-depth historical/informational tome. There are other reference books that cover the history of G.I. Joe and the characters available both in print and on iTunes. This book does have brief passages to put the work in context, but what it excels at are the glorious pictures! All have been painstakingly restored by the author to present the art in breathtaking clarity.

Contained within are full views of the front card art of every original G.I. Joe and Cobra action figure released in 1982-1983. Also included are the full views of the front box art of the vehicles released within the same period. The author has also included some rare treats with retail display art, storybook covers, and retailer exclusives.

I would have enjoyed seeing card back art, but none of that is included in this volume. However, as an art book, this title fits the bill perfectly! I personally look forward to future volumes detailing more of the classic characters and vehicles released in 1984 and later.

This book will transport you back to a toy isle in the early eighties. I always believed the early G.I. Joe figures were as much about the toys as they were about selling the fantasy of the G.I. Joe world. The beautiful package artwork was and will remain a major reason so many of us fell in love with the world of G.I. Joe and hold it dear to this day.

Yo Joe!

Mamu Nestor ,

Amazing Art from the 80's

Amazing Art from the 80's. This series collects the packing art from G.I. Joe, and it is wonderful. The posters and the books are high quality. The Foil covers are awesome. The content of this book covers the G.I. Joe package art from 1982-1983.

foxglove_9 ,

Such great memories

As someone who grew up collecting GIJoe’s I have a soft spot for all the character and vehicle art on the boxes. As an adult I don’t have the money nor space to collect anymore but I do enjoy the artwork still and this iBook features all the great art from the original Series 1 toyline. The boxes have been scanned in and retouched. It also includes other licensed GIJoe products at the time which featured artwork. There is no back of the boxes, no file cards, no blueprints. Just the straight on figures as if they were mint on card. Excellent work, plus the iBook is interactive in certain areas!

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