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This collection features 6 sexy stories of young men in their prime having the time of their lives! From seductive college professors to tempting roommates and classmates, this bundle includes everything to make a gay college student happy!

This anthology includes:


Jake and Brandon have been best friends since childhood. They did everything together and were the very definition of "bromance." However, when Brandon kisses Jake one night, the future of their friendship is suddenly at stake. It's up to Jake to decide if he should ignore his hot roommate's advances or enjoy the full benefits of what their friendship has to offer.

The Teacher's Assistant

Shawn dreaded having to apply for a position as a teacher's assistant in order to get his doctorate degree in Astronomy. When he meets the attractive Professor Matthew Smith that he will be working under, he is instantly attracted to his laid back confidence and good looks. All it takes is one night alone in a dark observatory to send them on a dangerously sexy path towards a risky love affair.

On His Knees

When Dylan is caught in a compromising situation, his mother gives him a choice: either go to a "pray away the gay" camp or get no financial support for his upcoming years at university. Fearing a mountain of debt, he begrudgingly agrees to attend the Connections Renewed Camp. Unsurprisingly, his experience is terrible - until he meets Jack, a fellow college student who seems like he doesn't fit in at the camp. Dylan can't help but be drawn to him and the mystery of what his true motives for being there are. Will Dylan be able to go against his mothers wishes and pursue a relationship with this man?

Texting Teacher

Professor Serna's 8:30 AM class is pure hell for Ben. The professor is cold and unfriendly, and not even his amazingly hot body can make the class interesting. When browsing a smartphone app designed to find hookups in the local area, Ben is shocked to find Dr. Serna's profile. There's no way he can resist contacting him and finding out if there's a different personality under his cold exterior. But will the professor be willing to risk everything for a hook up with his student?

Hot Tub Fun

Aaron is definitely straight. At least he thought so. But when he meets a free spirited man, nicknamed "Rooster" for a certain part of his body, he finds himself unable to resist spending time with this man. When they make their way to the hot tub at a friend's party, Aaron just may let go of his inhibition and have some fun.

Romancing the Roommate

When Aaron found a cheap apartment with kind landlords near his college, he thought he was living the dream. That dream becomes a nightmare full of sexual frustration when he realizes just how paper-thin the wall is that separates him from his attractive roommate Josh. Almost every night he hears hushed moans and the soft clap of skin on skin, as Josh chases pleasure all on his own, and the sounds have grown far too tempting for Aaron to ignore. Will Josh accept a little help from Aaron, though?

Warning! This bundle is packed with over 25,000 words worth of hot guy on guy action! It contains adult content and is not intended for those under the age of 18!

Fiction & Literature
August 28
Briony Summers
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