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Eight years was a long time to be gone. I changed and I knew the people I was going home to changed as well. I never wanted to leave her, but circumstances forced me to walk away and I chose not to look back. But I’m finally home and ready to reclaim all that I lost with Kris. I hoped the decisions I made in my past didn’t come back to haunt me.

He’d been gone for eight years. Left without ever saying goodbye to me.He chose to walk away from us, never letting me decide whether I wanted to live my life with him. I had to learn how to move on and mourn the loss of what could have been. Eight years was a long time to be gone. Too bad my heart didn’t understand the concept of time.

September 3
Nicole Banks
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Collision (Shattered Hearts Book 3) by Nicole Banks

5 Stars

Nicole Banks has found her way onto my oneclick, read anything, reread everything favorites list.

I loved this series and it is not possible to pick a favorite of the 3. I love them all but I think I'm kinda partial to Kris, I've loved her throughout and was so so glad this book was her story.

Ok so the story itself had me all twisted up, every emotion known to man was felt while reading this book. Im one of those that tries to figure things out as I go and once again I realize how bad I am at that, this author pulled the rug out from under me constantly and had me so invested in these people..All of them as it felt like one continuous story broke up into 3 parts, which is why I don't recommend reading this as a standalone. Grab all 3 of them and make some time because your going to need it.

Reading this series has made me fall in love with multiple POV’s. It is done so well and I truly enjoy that.

I can't recommend this book, this series, and especially this author enough!!

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