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Many things trip up students of accounting: double-sidedness means people talk at cross-purposes; single words have many meanings; and meanings change with point of view. Having a diagram that uses color to logically show how accounting works makes these pitfalls almost magically disappear. 

The BaSIS Framework™ (Balance Sheet/Income Statement Framework) is a revolution in accounting education. Suddenly accounting, finance and the essence of business take on new clarity and meaning. 

Join the thousands of people in top corporations and universities who have found that learning accounting is quick, easy and fun when you can visualize it. 

By reading this beautiful full-color book packed with diagrams and clear explanations you will: 

- Discover the 3 keys to accounting success 

- Learn to read financial statements 

- Deepen your understanding of business 

- Talk about money matters more powerfully 

- Learn the way you like to... with diagrams, simple steps and logical explanations 

- Wish you had this book when you were in college! 

Color Accounting™ will help you: 

- Pass your accounting exams 

- Run your business more profitably 

- Do your bookkeeping 

- Use QuickBooks™ and other software 

- Manage your personal finances

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June 1
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Customer Reviews

scottbenton ,

If you want to learn accounting, read this book first.

Having never taken a single class on accounting ever, and left to figure out how to balance a checkbook on my own, I found I was flat-out terrified of the subject. And because of that fear, I never learned how to read numbers on a financial statement.

So I let years go by pretending all those columns of numbers with the esoteric names next to them meant something whenever I was handed a financial report at work.

The thought of actually learning accounting to me felt heavy, oppressive, and cumbersome. But then one day I decided to start an eBay business, and that made me determined to push through my fear so I could use and understand Quickbooks effectively to be able to use that accounting program properly—especially when it came time to account for my income and expenses during tax time. At that point it slowly dawned on me that accounting was probably THE most important key to the new skills I needed, and the one critical tool I was still missing.

I started reading every book I could get my hands on with the word “Accounting” in the title. Then after reading five books on the subject, and still unsatisfied with what I had learned, I stumbled across the Color Accounting system in a book written for beginners like me called COLOR ACCOUNTING: THE NEW GRAPHICAL SYSTEM THAT MAKES UNDERSTANDING ACCOUNTING EASY AND QUICK.

I read it cover-to-cover, and couldn’t be happier with what I learned. In fact, I should have started with this book in the first place, and would recommend anyone wanting to learn accounting themselves to do the same.

Unlike the other books, this one showed me how to sit down with a list of financial transactions and a messy stack of receipts, and plot them out accurately onto a Balance Sheet and Income Statement to see where my business stood financially. The COLOR ACCOUNTING book teaches you through clear and simple examples. It easily and efficiently progresses you from learning about the overall structure and language of the basic framework for accounting to the fourteen “classic” transactions you are most likely to come across and use. It was the one resource that got me to understand the big picture of accounting and business, and helped me begin mastering my understanding of where the numbers all belonged.

For the first time I was no longer afraid of accounting. In fact I was excited about it, and could see its full potential. Looking forward, I knew I would be able to now harness and use this discipline I didn’t think I would ever get a solid grasp on.

And honestly, at the end of the day, I couldn’t possibly be more excited about COLOR ACCOUNTING.

Sciencevixen ,

Great Accounting Book

This book is wonderful! I'd encourage anyone who is taking an accounting course to read this. It sets up accounting in a completely different way than school does. It's still the same concepts but they use a visual diagram so you can literally "see" how accounting works and the various levels of balancing.

A in B'more ,

ColorAccounting, New Graphical

The authors have taken this necessary but - for many of us - challenging, boring and complex subject and made it come alive. I found this a great way to understand and grasp accounting concepts, and apply them. The book gave me the knowledge to debate and communicate with the confidence about financial matters, knowing that I was well informed.
Thank you Color Accounting.

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