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Color is Design is a hands-on project book that will teach how to use color well in your artwork. It is appropriate for artists of any skill level working in any medium. The way you see color, choose color, and use color will be transformed. Afterwords . . . 

Color will be intuitive and second nature.

You will be broken of habits that are limiting and repetitive.

You will be a stronger visual communicator.

Your artistic possibilities will be greater. 

The color options available to you will be drastically increased.

You will develop life long studio habits for choosing and using color. 

You will find your unique color vision.

Creating a color palette (using color swatches) then precisely mixing and matching to those swatches with paint then using those paints to make an image, ingrains the color into your brain. Color mastery is a direct result of this hand, eye, and mind relationship repeated over and over with different colors. The projects in this book will add hundreds and hundreds of colors, combinations, contrasts, and palettes to your mental picture album.

Color is Design is for artists of any skill level working in any medium including; painters, illustrators, comic book artists, video game designers, film makers, photographers, character designers, make-up artists, sculptors, modelers, digital modelers, website builders, graphic designers, product designers, set designers, costume designers, fabricators, fabric designers, advertisers, crafters, hobbyists, decorators, interior designers, custom automotive painters, anyone who may use color for anything, or those who are curious.

Color is Design contains twelve Chapters, an Introduction, and twelve short videos.


1 Visceral Color

2 On Prominent Display

3 Chanelling Matisse

4 Worlds Apart I

5 Worlds Apart II

6 Complementary Colors Blue Orange

7 Complementary Colors Red Green

8 Complementary Colors Yellow Violet

9 Unlimited Palettes

10 Looking at the Body of Work

11 Found Palettes Passion for Color

12 Quadriptych

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March 27
Tulu Publishing LLC
Tulu Publishing LLC

Customer Reviews

EadArt ,

Color is Design

This book is great for any painter that is passionate about color…subtle color.
Painter & teacher, Derek Leka did a superlative job compiling his color teachings in a complete and cohesive fashion. The trick is picking color swatches and meticulously mixing to arrive at a palette that sings…whether brilliant or muted.
I studied with Derek in his method after a very long hiatus from painting. Derek’s color classes and making quick paper studies completely rebooted my creativity which launched me into a successful painting career. Explore color at this level and you will have unlimited direction and inspiration to make innovative and soulful work.

Sydandlu ,

Excellent !!

I just got a copy of this book today, and couldn’t put it down. I can’t say enough good things abou this book. It really sheds a new light on understanding complementary color and how to use color. Great for anyone who uses color for anything they do ! I am eager to continue through the projects...

Marie Laurence Fortin ,

Fantastic Colorist! Great Teacher!

Working with the exercises in this book I have been able to experience color in a whole new way. Now I am able to see the color within the color. It has increased my confidence in mixing any color and broadens my palette. A great resource for both experienced or inexperienced painters.

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