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<p>Come For Fun is the first tantalizing erotic short story collection from author Melisa Poche.&nbsp; It includes sixteen seductive stories of erotic temptation, romance and desire, including three m&eacute;nage and thirteen male-female stories. Melisa Poche has included something for every kinky taste as she takes you from contemporary college erotica through to confessional women&rsquo;s erotica. Feel the heat of Come For Fun.</p><p>This erotica short story collection contains explicit content and is suitable for readers 18 and over.</p><p>&nbsp;Lemon Lime</p><p>The owner and baker at Cake Queen&rsquo;s Confectionary hires an attractive assistant, and not only does her production in the kitchen go up, but also her production in the bedroom.</p><p>&nbsp;A Flick for Fun</p><p>Bored housewife Rogan is lacking two things: entertainment and sex.</p><p>&nbsp;Come Anytime</p><p>Mark invites Rogan and Joe to his costume party. Rogan decides that she is going to dress up as a sexy maid and do some cleaning on her host.</p><p>&nbsp;Peep Show</p><p>One morning, Joe upsets Rogan but apologizes, giving Rogan the best sex she has ever had with him. To her surprise, Mark is playing the role of a voyeur.</p><p>&nbsp;Baby You Can&rsquo;t Light My Fire</p><p>A girl is working from home at her web-based business when her annual fire inspector stops by to check her alarm. She tries all of her favorite tricks to keep him from spilling her secrets to the authorities.</p><p>&nbsp;Model Citizen</p><p>Due to financial difficulties, Julia, a former model, makes a reluctant re-entry into the fashion world. A sexy photographer helps her overcome her shyness and seduces her into some of the best pictures and poses she has ever done.</p><p>&nbsp;Bowling Balls</p><p>Maria has worked hard for the last four years and she is finally about to graduate from college. Steve, a classmate, asks Maria to join his study group. They make the most of their sexual chemistry.</p><p>&nbsp;Hydration</p><p>Ash really likes her job at the pool, as well as feasting her eyes on her hot coworker, Blake.&nbsp; She knows that she can only look but not touch.</p><p>&nbsp;Swedish Design</p><p>Lindsey takes her new client to a furniture store, and even though she does not really like this style of furnishing, she does think it is convenient to show off her talents.</p><p>&nbsp;Fine Furnishings</p><p>Lindsey and Randy spend a productive afternoon putting together furniture and have even more fun finding new ways to fit their bodies together.</p><p>&nbsp;Fierce Competition</p><p>Victoria does her best to stay on top of the game in a beauty pageant, even when the rules change.</p><p>&nbsp;Here Come the Trolley</p><p>Kara and John are having a hard day working as servers at a restaurant. To distract each other from the evening&rsquo;s annoyances, John and Kara have been teasing each other mercilessly, and finally succumb to the tension.</p><p>&nbsp;Toy Story</p><p>Stacey needs a new job. Her boyfriend's friend offers her a position at his new company. She soon finds out that the job is to evaluate and review sex toys.</p><p>&nbsp;Smartphone</p><p>Larissa has never had a cell phone, but she soon discovers an app that helps her connect with people on a completely new level.</p><p>&nbsp;Suds</p><p>She gets her big break after she is cast on a soap opera.&nbsp; Fortunately, it is easy for her to talk her co-star into going that extra mile for her and for their careers.</p><p>&nbsp;Sweet but Not Saccharine</p><p>Busy baker Anna&rsquo;s new business is a success. She decides to hire a new assistant to help in her cake shop, and the best-qualified candidate is also the best looking. They both discover that they can cook up more than one kind of tasty treat.</p>

Fiction & Literature
April 17

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