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Living in this technological age has made communicating with friends and family easier, and faster than ever before.  With the use of cell phones, text messaging, and social media sites there are no excuses for failing to communicate with the people you love.

But if we stop and consider how much time young people spent on Facebook and Twitter, or talking to friends via Skype, or Face Time, it seems that they are getting farther away from God than ever before.  But God has not forgotten our youth; in fact He is calling them to come longs closer.  God doesn’t mind if we enjoy technology or other things, but He expects us to give Him the same quality time and attention that we give to everything else.  Simply stated, God doesn’t want to be ignored.  

In her thought-provoking book, Kathy Green challenges the reader to pull away from the normal day-to-day activities that eat up our time and attention, and spend time with God; for God is calling us into a deeper relationship with Him that goes far beyond surface Christianity. All too often we give our hearts to the Lord and then our relationship with Him comes to a screeching halt as we get distracted by other things, and we begin to seek love and acceptance wherever and however we can we can.  Eventually we come to the realization that nothing quite measures up to the level of fulfillment and satisfaction that we’re longing for.    

If this generation doesn’t answer God’s call and learn the value of prayer by making time with God a part of their daily routine, then they will fail to know what a real relationship with God is really like.  And an entire generation will end up lost, hopeless, and lacking direction and purpose.  Because only through spending time with God will we find out why we’re here.    

Green speaks candidly as she shares from her life’s experiences.  After giving her heart to the Lord at the age of ten, she immediately felt drawn to a quiet place to be alone with God.  It was in was in this undisclosed place known only by the two of them, that Kathy learned to talk to God about everything; even asking God to show her who she would marry, and He did.  Spending time in the secret place was what Kathy longed for each day because only through God did find a shelter from the storms of life, a place to escape from the pressure of the world, and the place where she could be loved for who she really was. 

COME takes God from some imaginary place far off in the sky and brings Him up close and personal. It explores the vast benefits of spending time with God in prayer. It reveals how simple it is to approach God confidently and fearless while speaking from your heart.  Through this book you will come to know God personally and distinguish His voice, discover how God really feels about you as you experience His presence, and come to know your purpose in life. God is gently whispering, “COME.” Will you respond?

Kathy R. Green has been talking to God since she was 10 years old.  She has a heart for hurting people and desires to see their lives transformed by the power of prayer.  For more than 15 years Kathy has served in churches across the country as a children’s  and youth ministry teacher until God called her to write and teach people how to pray.  Today Kathy travels the country teaching people from all walks of life how to develop a lifestyle of prayer and intimacy with God.  Kathy and her husband have two adult children, a son-in-love, and a granddaughter.  

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February 26
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