Coming Home: A Returned Missionary Anthology

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Publisher Description

COMING HOME is all about finding love and eternal companionship. Laugh, cry, and root for your favorite couple as each character decides whether to serve as a missionary or comes home to find expectations shaken up. Set in Brigham City, Utah and BYU-Idaho, these faith-filled, sequential novellas feature overlapping characters with stories of their own.

In No Guessing Required, Tyler returns from his mission knowing his feelings for Raychel have blossomed into love. He can’t keep his feelings from her as they resume their relationship, but she resists reciprocating, in spite of the wonderful dates he plans. Raychel is submitting her own missionary papers, and Patrick, Tyler’s best friend, might also be a good catch after she returns home.

Storm-tossed is a poignant story revolving around Raychel’s cousin, Daila, who invites newly returned missionary, John, to a YSA activity. John’s girlfriend and Tyler’s younger sister, Karilynn, had asked best friend Daila to keep John “safe” from other girls until she gets home from her mission. But John and Daila soon become attracted to one another as John sees Daila as a better match for him and Daila can’t resist her first real taste of a man’s favorable attention.

After being Dumped, Karilynn returns from her mission two days after her former boyfriend marries her former best friend. A series of innocent and hilarious events has people believing that she and her brother’s friend, Patrick, are dating. Patrick is too intent on his GPA for a social life, but worries his roommate, Nick, might have an interest in Karilynn. When Nick and Karilynn accidently end up going to a dance together, is it enough to wake Patrick up to his feelings for Karilynn?

Mari and Nick head a FHE group for their BYU–I ward, where Nick secretly takes an interest in her. He encourages her boyfriend, Carter, to go on a mission. Carter doesn’t want competition, so he buys Mari a huge promise ring. Carter’s new job to earn money for his mission is with Nick and Patrick at a dance studio, leaving even less time with Mari. In The Dance, Carter is matched with Gabriella, the instructor’s daughter, for an upcoming dance competition, and Mari is matched with Nick.

April 6
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