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Two o’clock approached and Jerome sat legs crossed, on the sable colored microfiber sofa. His heart splintered watching Joe prepare to leave him behind ~ again.

They’d talked over and over again about the uncomfortable subject of Lenore, and her influence. Jerome wondered if the loud beat of his heart echoed in the room, it sounded so loud in his ears. Shaking off the ridiculous thought, he silently prayed that something; anything, would intervene to change the course of the demise of their relationship.

His eyes burned, yet he refused to break over this blunder. It passed the oops stage. Only an insensitive ass would miss the signs staring him in the face. He’d warned Joe, told him to watch out, and all those words had fallen by the wayside. Feeling he’d been pushed to the side one time too many, he allowed his heart to break, so it could heal.

“I’ll be back in a couple of hours,” Joe said picking up the large brightly wrapped gift Jerome had bought for the twin’s birthday. “You want me to bring you anything?”

Jerome shook his head realizing Joe thought this breach was okay. His gaze drank in the handsome dark haired man that held his heart. Dressed in jeans and an urban print shirt, he could be a fashion model. Chin length wavy hair, angular face with sharp cheekbones, brown eyes with ridiculously long lashes, Joe received second looks whenever he walked into a room.

Even so, Jerome knew if his lover left to go the birthday party without him, everything they’d shared the last ten years was over. Could the man be so blind, or so sure of him that he took his love for granted?

“No, I’m good.” And he was. Good at hiding his pain; good at placing the needs of his lover over his own; and good at wearing a smile while he cried inside. Today, this chapter of his life would end.

Joe nodded, blew him a kiss and sprinted out the door, gifts under his arm. Jerome sat frozen, staring at the white paint on the door.

“I’ll be damned.” He smoothed his hands over his hair and looked around, stunned. Thoughts of what he could’ve said battled for supremacy in his mind.

In the end, he realized none of it would’ve have mattered. His lover had a family and lately, it didn’t include him.

Fiction & Literature
April 13
Sitting Bull Publishing
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