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Command the Morning: 2016 Daily Prayer Manual provides you with the spiritual tools necessary for destiny fulfillment and establishment, protection from spiritual and physical harm, immunity from modern-day terror and complete dominion over persecutors. If you desire these benefits, this is the book you need to get.

Command the Morning 2016 covers the real issues of our daily lives and provides pragmatic Bible-based guidance and solutions for them. So, if you want divine favor to lift you above man’s biases, roadblocks and obstacles so that you can succeed in 2016, you will seriously benefit from this book. If you would like to decree unto the spiritual gates of the day and of your life to work in your favor, this is the book you need. If you need the works of God’s hands to listen to the commands of your mouth each day, this is the book you need. If you want to exclude yourself from or obtain victory over temptations, spiritual attacks, physical attacks and misfortune, you need this book.

For anyone seeking divine protection from the perpetrators of terror and dominion over people and systems that might want to persecute you because of your Christian faith, you need this book. If there will be elections in your country in 2016 and you want a victorious outcome for godly leaders who will fight for righteousness and your beliefs, this is the daily devotional you need to use.

This book is brief by design but comprehensive in scope. If you complete the prayers therein everyday, you will witness divine manifestations and have verifiable testimonies of the Hand of the Almighty upon your life throughout the year 2016.

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January 2
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