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Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Have you ever questioned your standing in life or your worth simply due to comparing yourself with others? This practice, called social comparing, is widespread in modern-day society. Our perception of the society is shaped through observation, experiencing new things, and communicating with other people. It’s important that we don’t form a negative view of ourselves due to making comparisons with other people.Routinely asking yourself questions such as "Why did he get a promotion while I'm stuck in this position?", "Will we ever have as nice a house as they do?", or "How can I be as happy as she is in life?". These questions will ultimately lead down to a dark road.Unfortunately, social comparing has taken over some people's daily lives. To prevent becoming trapped in the comparing mindset, it's essential that you understand the reasons behind the habit and the long-term effects that it has. Grace Scott will delve into this phenomenon in "The Comparing Game". 

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• How to Get Out of The Comparing Mentality• Why It's Always Unfair -- and Futile -- to Make Comparisons• How to Break Free of The Comparing Mindset• Why Resentment is Directly Tired to Comparing Yourself with Others• Real Examples of How Others Have Overcome Social ComparisonConstantly making social comparisons is a roadblock from reaching your goals and achieving your best, most fulfilling life.In "The Comparing Game", You will find out the tools you need to understand the thought process behind social comparison, eliminate this practice from your life, and start measuring your happiness and success through self-exploration. 

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January 22
Grace Scott
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