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Compass is a beautifully simple tale about appreciating small moments in life.

It is written as a stage play but is published as a short story.


From seeing beauty for the first time in a rock to singing soulful melodies to catch fish.  

From a boy's first kiss to lessons on getting rid of your worries by washing. 

It's all found in Compass. 

Originally written as a stage play but easily read as a short story and with stunning photographs it is suitable for all ages.  

Turn reading time into a family affair by reading aloud different characters with your children. First date? You'll win them over in no time with a glass of wine and a shared reading of Compass.  Nothing on television? Compass. 

Make traveling more bearable by reading Compass with the person next to you.

It's not just a play, Compass will open your eyes and enrich your soul with stunning visuals and conversations that effortlessly leave you breathless.     


The idea of Compass being anyone, anywhere can pick it up and with their friends and family bring back the joy of reading.

Humans have a desire to be social but reading has always been associated as being a solitary activity.

Reading a play with others is the best of both worlds.

If you prefer reading to escape, then compass provides you with an easy to follow but magical story easily imagined being played out on stage.


Compass is about a young boy named Bert and a girl, Amelia. They are best friends and often spend days fishing by the lake. Not always just for fishing, mostly just to spend time together and have fun.

One day, they encounter an older man, Compass who tells them that to catch more fish, they should sing to them.

Thinking he was just a crazy man, they disregard his idea until the next day, out of curiosity, they try singing to the fish and miraculously it worked.

The singing and fishing, brings them closer, yet as often happens with life, they eventually drift apart.

Later in life, Compass's words of wisdom still ring true and they recognise that it's the small moments, that make for a happy life.

A story to warm your insides and hopefully change how you see the world around you.

Fiction & Literature
May 19
Jade Jackson
Jade Jackson

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