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The book “A Complete Beginners Guide How To Heal & Balance Anahata Heart Chakra” is written by Shiva Girish, a chakra healing therapy meditation master. This book is a simplified easy step by step practical beginners' guide – to learn and understand how to heal & balance Anahata Heart Chakra. It tells you why you should learn and understand how important it is to practice heart chakra based on ancient Vedic science and how it is related to your life giving you immediate benefits integrating body, mind, heart and soul.

Do you think you need to accept your own body, forgive yourself, and have gratitude towards others in life?

Do you want to learn how To Improve Health And Happiness With heart Chakra Healing?

Do you feel it’s time to learn to open your heart, accept and forgive yourself and have gratitude towards life and people around you?

Do you want to know if your heart chakras are closed or open and why you need heart chakra healing?

Still wondering why you should learn & understand Chakra Healing? Here is why:

Your Root Chakra influences your career and money mindset. It deals with every day survival issues that are blocked by fears.

Your Heart Chakra influences your relationships. It deals with trust & love and unblocks grief. Similarly, your Throat Chakra influences your self-expression.
It deals with truth and unblocks lies.

This book will teach you exactly

About Heart chakra

What is heart chakra healing Therapy?

What Happens When Your Heart Chakra is Blocked or Closed?

What Happens When Your Heart Chakra is Open?

Learn How to do Heart Chakra Questions for Self-Examination

Roles Played by Heart Chakra in Your Life

Learn How to forgive yourself and others to create space for new experiences in life.

Why should you understand and learn about heart chakra healing & balancing?

What are the benefits of heart chakra healing in relation to Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual health?

How to practice - Simple Easy Meditation To Open Anahata Heart Chakra (A simple EASY technique to release Sadness, doubt, fear and to bring Love, compassion, gratitude and forgiveness into your life)

How to practice - Heart Chakra Purification Meditation (A transformative powerful chakra healing & purification meditation technique to bring Love, compassion, gratitude and forgiveness into your life)

How to practice - Heart Chakra Bija Mantra Meditation (A Simple Yet Powerful Mantra Sound Healing Meditation To Open The Heart And Connect With Others By Compassionate Attitude, Affection, Unconditional Love)

What makes this book is unique and different from many other Chakra books? Well, the author, Shiva Girish is a meditation master who has worked with thousands of students from all over the world giving chakra healing therapy workshops and training.

So are you ready to heal and understand about your heart charka! Take Action Right Away - A Complete Beginners Guide How To Heal & Balance Anahata Heart Chakra!! Download your copy today!!

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May 31
Shiva Girish
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