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The Complete Metalsmith by Tim McCreight has been a staple in jewelry classes and studios for three decades, known and loved for its clear descriptions, whimsy, and practical information. Few books can match it for breadth: information ranges from the science of metals to Do-It-Yourself studio furniture and includes stone lore, granulation, metal clay, and safety guidelines. When the first edition was published in 1982, it featured handwritten text in keeping with the alternative lifestyles of the era. Over the years the book has grown into three printed editions in 2004 and a smartphone app in 2010. And now this—a totally reworked edition of Complete Metalsmith that includes everything from the latest book plus videos, calculators and a hypertext glossary. This multi-touch book makes full use of the exciting features of 21st century publishing. It is among the first craft books to enter this arena and it has set the bar high.

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February 18
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Customer Reviews

LMinihan ,

Love the e-book version!

This is so much more than an e-book--It’s alive! I downloaded it last week and was sucked in immediately. I’ve owned the hard copy for years, but this goes far beyond what could fit on the printed page. Between the videos, slide shows, interactive widgets (that calculate casting & fabrication metal needs and conversions), and "more" buttons throughout each chapter, it’s the most comprehensive bench companion I’ve seen.
I’ve been making jewelry for 15 years, but there is still a lot to that I haven’t tried. After perusing through this new edition, I’m inspired to explore something new and review some techniques I've lost touch with. For a beginner, I think the videos and tips will be really helpful. For someone who already has it in print, it's well worth the price.

JShackford ,

Get it even if you already have the hard copy!

I have been using the hard copy of Tim's book for years. The interactive features, videos, flash card feature, and ability to highlight and note areas for quick access make this a must have for anyone teaching metalsmithing.

SMBabcock ,

Complete Metalsmith

This is a nice addition to the older print version. The illustrations are better with the color added. New and updated information. A great choice for the beginner and practiced metalsmith. Some nice videos are also included. Tim McCreight does not disappoint with this iBook version.

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