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An all-in-one collection of Neil Humphrey’s trilogy: Notes from an even Smaller Island, Scribbles from the Same Island and Final Notes from a Great Island.

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In 1996, Neil Humphreys turned down a chance to become Dagenham’s answer to Nick Leeson. The young Brit rejected a London stockbroker’s lucrative offer to train as a floor trader and decided to travel the world instead. He ended up in Singapore and settled in Toa Payoh. By 2001, he was one of the country’s best-selling authors. His first book, Notes from an even Smaller Island, became an immediate best-seller and travelled across Southeast Asia, Australia and Britain. The book appeared on the Singapore best-seller list for over four years. BBC World said it was “a warts and all view of the city-state and celebrates many of the things most often criticised.” Humphreys’ travelling companion, Scott, said it was “a load of bollocks”.


In 2003, his second book, Scribbles from the Same Island, a compilation of his popular humour columns in WEEKEND TODAY, was launched in Singapore and Malaysia and also became an immediate best-seller. In 2006, Final Notes from a Great Island: A Farewell Tour of Singapore completed the trilogy. The book went straight to No.1 and decided to stay there for a few months. Having run out of ways to squeeze ‘island’ into a book title, Humphreys moved to Geelong, Australia. He now writes for several magazines and newspapers in Singapore and Australia and spends his weekends happily looking for echidnas and platypuses. But he still really misses roti prata.

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June 27
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