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Complete Teacher Program

Today’s teachers must wear many hats. They need to be knowledgeable about such important things as child and adolescent development, learning theory, educational philosophy, history of education, and the like. They need also be subject experts! Teachers must select content, organize content, update content, and then deliver content in their disciplines. Clearly, they must know their subjects. But knowledge, alone, does not make for a complete teacher! In reality, very few students are inspired and motivated solely by a teacher's professional and subject knowledge. Skills are also required.

Research has shown that some of our best teachers are skilled MANAGERS! Clearly, techniques for planning, coordinating, commanding, controlling, organizing, guiding, coaching and facilitating are managing skills that every teacher needs to have.

Great teachers are also good ACTORS! Skills relating to vocal expression, bodily actions, role-playing, and the use of space and props, then, need to be honed. Techniques for generating surprise, creating suspense, and using humor in the classroom are other acting skills to master. 

Good teachers are also skilled DEVELOPERS! They create and adapt a wide variety of audio-visual teaching materials for instructional use. They are able to use both traditional tools and the computer to enhance their professional productivity. Developing skills, then, also need to be honed. 

And finally, teachers must be accomplished SELLERS! They must be able to sell their subjects to students. Like good sales people the successful teachers will know their audience, plan the campaign accordingly, and then motivate their students to buy into their product, which is education!

Complete Teacher Handbooks

Professional and subject knowledge has long been part of the teacher education curriculum. However, necessary training in the areas of acting, managing, developing and selling appears to have been overlooked in most programs.

To help meet the professional development needs of both new and experienced teachers, we now offer a series of interactive training handbooks. These include:

Acting for Teachers

Managing for Teachers

Developing for Teachers

Selling for Teachers


This interactive eBook — The Complete Teacher — is a compilation of the of the above-mentioned training handbooks. Here again, skill acquisition is performance-based and evaluation is criterion-referenced.

Both teachers and teacher wannabes will benefit from the use of these very practical, self-study materials. Together with professional and subject knowledge instruction, these titles should help to provide a more realistic approach for delivering practical training in the complete praxis of teaching.

Professional & Technical
April 1
Complete Teacher Academy, LLC
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Grades 13-17

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