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Through reflection, focused exercises, and storytelling, Zoë Routh’s Composure invites you to explore your own quest to become a centered leader. Drawing upon insights from experienced leaders, you are guided through your own leadership journey. Composure helps you frame and focus your personal quest, develop an understanding of your key leadership challenges, learn to live in courage and faith, and to develop your unique leadership presence.

Leadership expert Zoë Routh helps build stronger leadership and business culture through courage, wisdom and compassion. She works closely with senior leaders in higher education, the public service and the private sector, and speaks regularly on the issues facing industry leadership today.

About the Author: 

Leadership expert Zoë Routh inspires leaders and their teams to thrive in times of challenge and change. As a speaker and mentor, she challenges established leadership thinking and helps build stronger business culture through courage, wisdom and compassion.

Originally Canadian, Zoë’s career began in Northwest Ontario, leading canoe trips through the rugged Canadian wilderness. In 1996 she moved to Australia to work with Outward Bound, where she developed nationally recognised outdoor leadership training programs.

Now a naturalized Aussie, Zoë has made her mark around the country. As Program Manager at the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation, she developed national change and leadership programs for groups as diverse as the Telstra Foundation and the Wine Industry Future Leaders Program. She also speaks regularly on issues facing industry leadership today.

Zoë works closely with senior leaders in higher education, SES level public service, and the private sector.

Her thirst for outdoor adventure regularly takes her around the country. She enjoys telemark skiing, has run six marathons, and loves hiking in the high country. She is married to a gorgeous Aussie and is mother to six garden-wrecking chooks.

Read more about Zoë’s work at www.innercompass.com.au

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