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<p>Compromising Arrangements is the second short story collection from erotica author Kellen Prime. Containing six tales of gay, multi-partner, BDSM and women's erotica, this collection features three stories with multiple partners, two with M/F pairings, and one gay story. Meet a young couple who are in desperate need of a weekend alone; and a couple of co-workers who discover their true feelings on a long car ride. Kellen Prime brings out the animalistic urges in each of his stories, driving you to the edge of your seat and waiting for the next sensual and unexpected move.

Weekend At The Lake
Hayden and Christopher needed the trip to the lake for a while now, but their schedules hadn&rsquo;t permitted it. So by the time they had packed the last of the supplies in the car and said goodbye to their housemates, it still hadn&rsquo;t set in that for the next two days they would be able to just let go of all the pressures that had prompted the trip. And of course Hayden was looking forward to being able to scream at the top of her lungs while Chris brought her to the multiple orgasms he was so expertly capable of.

Don&rsquo;t Knock It &lsquo;Til You&rsquo;ve Tried
On a hunting trip, it isn&rsquo;t long before a group of CEOs become a little friendlier with each other than they are with the game. But when you put so many men of power in the same place, the focus shifts very quickly from the animal that they&rsquo;ve come to hunt to the bulges in their pants, and pretty soon, it is the internal animal that surfaces and a new hunt ensues.

What They Don&rsquo;t Know
Jared and Collin had worked together for almost a year for the same advertising firm, Jared in graphics and design and Collin a copy executive. On the odd occasion that their paths crossed, both men felt that elusive &lsquo;something&rsquo; that is often called chemistry, but is more accurately sexual tension. It isn&rsquo;t until they are both required to give a presentation across State that they have the opportunity for just such a revelation. The time it took them to get from one side of the State to the other was all the time they needed to discover just how much fun boys can have, when they do the things that only boys know how to do to other boys.

Have Your Cake and Eat It
Tim and Robyn had been dating long enough to know that the next step was to move in together. It is true that you need to live with a person to truly know them, and once the two had moved in together, it was a matter of hours before they realized just how deeply they could now explore one another. And to both their surprises, it turned out that the rather conservative pair had inner animals that they could now bring out to play.

Better When Bad!
Laura is a good, respectable teacher by day, but when she is with her &ldquo;book club&rdquo; friends, things are a different matter. Laura is naturally a dominatrix, but occasionally, she likes to let go completely. During the day, Laura fantasies that her real boss, the principal, would take &ldquo;control&rdquo; of her in every way. Then, a new member arrives at the &ldquo;club,&rdquo; and Laura is taken by surprise that it is her boss, North. Excited by the prospect that her fantasies may become a reality, Laura prepares herself mentally and physically.

The Landscapers
Life on the West Coast was predictable for almost all the housewives, at least the ones with money. It involved tennis and yoga, swimming and shopping. So besides the other housewives, your only company was your staff, the people who actually ran your life. So with too much time on her hands and a van at her gate with three Latino gentlemen offering to clean her swimming pool and tend the gardens. She also decided that she would supervise the maintenance. It wasn&rsquo;t too long before Helena became very hands on indeed.


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April 21

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