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Renna Scot does not suffer fools, gallantly manages her Victorian estate outside of New York City, as well as many successful business concerns. Among her world are sidekick Gabriel, young, and as sweet as he is mischievous. Seth, her right hand, silent, intentional, grounding, but with his own past. Bella, Bella, Bella, beautiful actress, long time love – a bond sealed by many years of friendship, their shared past, passion. Wild Dove, her childhood friend, guide, and so much more. Renna, however, is an unconventional woman of many tastes, tends to juggle infatuations as a means of balancing her dedication, hard work, intensity – luckily her charm, or if it comes down to it, fierce independence, keep her a step ahead of most trifles. Enter Comtesse de Havana, a dark, mysterious traveler who instantly gets under skin, is not conditioned to the other’s carefully constructed world, or likely to bow to it the way others do. Their impossible attraction is immediate, though neither has any intention of admitting, or accepting it - as if they have a choice.

NEW: Book V – How Fools Fall: tells tales of redemption, chosen family, and love at last, but for which of the curious collection of souls?

Book I – How Things Begin: can even Renna Scot’s calm cool hold out against a mysterious world traveler? (FREE for a limited time)

Book II – In For A Penny: is there safe ground between attraction and surrender?

Book III – Where Angels Tread: continues the tumultuous story of Renna Scot and the Comtesse de Havana past initial surrender into calamity beyond.

Book IV – With Little Hope: Set several years ahead, explores the bounds, limits, shapes, sizes of love, and expectation. How goes love when the only constant is change?

Fiction & Literature
October 30
R. Cane
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