Conceiving a Peaceful World

Women's Body Wisdom, Leadership, and Peacemaking

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Conceiving a Peaceful World is a map for how to create Peace On Earth.  It describes models for the future, what has to change--and how.  Women have been the creators and driving forces behind most U.S. social movements--for example, the Peace, Civil Rights, and Environmental Movements.  Women's leadership is often influenced by women's mothering experiences, including pregnancy.  With empathy and caring, women prioritize people, families, and communities--transforming policies, economic and political structures to heal the planet.  Discussions include women's leadership, why peace is essential for planetary survival, why war doesn't solve conflicts, and sustainable economic models for the future.  The book is enlivened by true stories and interviews with women leaders, original poetry and artwork.  It draws on insights from diverse faith and spiritual traditions, moral development, psychology, leadership, and peace activism.  Dr. Susan Perz spent more than 20 years researching and writing this book.  She holds a Ph.D. In Education.  She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over 30 years of experience, and 15 years as a School Counselor in the public school system.  She is a poet and amateur artist.  Whether you are a mom, community volunteer or activist, teacher, professor, or you are working in government, a nonprofit, business, or religious organization, this book provides abundant insights, skills, models, resources, historic examples, and new visions for transforming the future.  It includes a sample curriculum for a Bacherlor's Degree in Women's Leadership for Peacemaking.  Conceiving a Peaceful World:  Women's BodyWIsdom, Leadership, and Peacemaking challenges the myth that world peace is a pipe dream by providing hope and empowerment through true stories of women who created dramatic social movements that have changed the world.

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March 30
Susan M. Perz, Ph.D.
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