Alexis Brooks, Book One

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"I see you."

Three simple words from her telephone in the dead of night send violinist Chrispen Marnett's life spiraling in directions she never imagined. The chance to work with the greatest violinist alive drew her to Newton fresh out of college, but nothing could have prepared her for what she found there. Terror lurks in innocent places--a ringing phone, a late-night rehearsal, unexpected flowers.

And what could have prepared her for Alexis Brooks: powerful symphony concertmaster, rich international superstar, and accused murderer? Withdrawn and moody, Alexis is cut off from everyone around him; his colleagues in the symphony, his fans, even his own father. Everyone from her mother to the Newton Police has warned Chrispen against Alexis, but as her own danger increases, he may be her only ally.

Join Chrispen on the journey of a lifetime as she fights for her sanity, her happiness, and her life. To survive, she must unravel the layers of the past and uncover the dark secrets the Newton Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra hides.

Concerto is a romance suspense thriller, delving into the world of music and the dark psychological realm of fear.

October 6
Onda Mountain Books
Draft2Digital, LLC

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I see you

Concerto by Sandra Miller is a fairly well written suspense novel. It follows Chrispen as she deals with what starts out as a fairly normal life. Chrispen is a violinist in the Newton Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra. She is there because Alexis Brooks plays there. Alexis is a world renown violin player who also happens to be the main suspect in the brutal murder of his wife. Chrispen doesn't believe the allegations and nurses a pretty heavy duty crush on him despite being told he is a danger to her.

When Chrispen receives a message her life begins to change radically. The message is a simple one: I see you.

I thought the book had a lot of good thing going for it, but there were a few drawbacks as well. Chrispen was a little bit of both. I actually liked her character for the most part, but she did a lot of stupid things with the evidence of her stalker. I'm not sure if Sandra intended for her to be a frustrating character (if she did she did an amazing job!) or if it just turned out that way, but it took me out of the story a bit. Also the villain wasn't terribly hard to figure out and is actually revealed about two thirds of the way through the book. The level of suspense is kept at a pretty good level through trying to figure out what is going to happen next, but knowing who the bad guy is takes a little away as well. I have to say that the while the stalker remained mysterious he was exceedingly creepy and that part was done extraordinarily well.

The characters Chrispen, Dwight, Kolbi, and Alexis were are done well inspiring the emotions that I felt Sandra wanted felt about them. There were even some little humorous parts injected with Alexis telling orchestra jokes. The flow of the story moved fairly well with only one or two places that slowed down a bit.

Overall once I got into the story I didn't want to stop reading until I finished. I believe it took two or three sittings to go through the whole book. If you are a fan of suspense novels this one is definitely one to check out.

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