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Meet Sam Emerson. She’s cute and fun, and really in need of a date for her 20th high school reunion. She doesn’t mind attending her best friend’s wedding with no date, but her reunion is another story. Besides, she’s 37 now. It’s about darn time she settled down. Right?

In the course of one action-packed year, Sam sets off to find her prince—or at least a date for the reunion. Too bad those yummy frogs keep distracting her.

Dating Mr. Frog is hard—he’s really hard to catch and hold. Sam should know. Take Sean McLean. He makes her feel like a princess, and boy is he hot. It would have been nice if he’d told her he was moving to New York before he slept with her. Not that he’s a frog. No, really. He’s very nice.

After Sean’s abrupt departure Sam dates like mad in order to find a man for the reunion. Unfortunately, she keeps ending up with frogs. Sure, they come disguised as nice guys, stable guys, fun guys. But they’re still frogs. She can’t help it. Sam likes the little green guys. That is, until another Sean strings her along and then unceremoniously dumps her, with no explanation at all.

It’s not the first, second, or third time she’s been in that situation, but she would really like it to be the last. Her ego can’t take it anymore. Confused, sad, and junked up on caffeine, Sam decides to take control of her love life and figure out what she’s doing wrong. The results of her research surprise her. Because when it’s all laid out in a well-organized spreadsheet that she can sort by data field, it’s crystal clear why she’s been kissing frogs all these years. Now she has to fix it.

Kicking the frog habit won’t be easy. Good thing Sam’s got her friends.

Fiction & Literature
August 3
Susan Rose
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