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Bestselling author Jim Cramer takes readers on a wild Wall Street ride—revealing how to play the game, who breaks the rules, and who gets hurt.

Everyone on Wall Street knows Jim Cramer, and Cramer knows Wall Street better than anyone. In the most candid and outrageous look at Wall Street since Liar's Poker, Cramer, co-founder of TheStreet.com, radio and television commentator, and for years a premier money manager, takes readers on the wild ride that is Wall Street -- revealing how the game is played, who breaks the rules, and who gets hurt.

Confessions of a Street Addict takes us from Cramer's roots in the middle-class Philadelphia suburbs to Harvard, where he began managing money, and then to Goldman Sachs, where he went into business with his wife -- Karen, the "Trading Goddess" -- as his partner. He brilliantly describes the life of a money manager: the frenetic pace, the constant pressure to outperform the market and other fund managers, and the sharklike attacks fund managers make as they circle a fund perceived to be in trouble.

Throughout the book Cramer is characteristically outspoken, offering his hard-won insights about the market and everyone in it, himself included. There has never been a more eloquent market insider than Cramer, nor a more high-octane book about Wall Street.

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May 13
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Customer Reviews

YReuven ,


Had this book in my collection for years just collecting dust and never got to read it until now. Picked it up one night and didn't put it down until I finished it over next few days. The stories, the details, the pain was just surreal. Despite the booya's and other frantic behavior Jim puts on his show, this guy was serious about business and did it all to keep his investors happy. I've been on wall street for 13 years and can tell you that there aren't many guys out there that will go to the level of extreme commitment he did for his clients. The problem is that even when you do investors have become less appreciative and more concerned about what have you done for me lately. The story was extraordinary, the relationship with his wife admirable, and the loyalty between him and jeff inspirational. The only thing I would ever disagree with jim's show is that he makes his viewers believe that's it's easy to win in the market. This book not only tells you about his phenomenal success in business and the market, but also how hard he (and his team) had to work to win in the market. This is the book I would recommend to your viewers as a necessary read before following any BUY BUY BUY recommendations. It's as real as it gets on wall street.

apple fan01 ,

The mystery man Jim Cramer

This was a great book that delves into the history of the great Jim Cramer. Great book, couldn't put it down! The last chapter really sums up what life is truly about at the end of the day. Reading this book 9 years after it was written, leaves so many questions to be answered. I hope this won't be the last autobiography written about Jim Cramer.

Mersho ,

Excellent Book

From the moment I start reading this book I couldn't put it down. Cramer is an excellent writer!

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