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Dear Readers, I was inspired to write Confessions of a War Child, the first novel of the trilogy, on July 1st, 2012 the same night a dear friend, Ryan Maiden, left our world. Reflecting, I asked his soul: “Where are you now?”

– The battle for love is a war worth winning –

Weddings signify the eternal bond between two people in love. But on this day, a bullet ends a marriage at the exact moment of its union. In Confessions of a War Child, the lasting damage draws two towns into a lifetime of hatred and war, and a new, young bride into a lifetime of sadness and grief.

Now eighty-seven years of age, Camilia has never recovered from the loss of her husband, and true soul mate, sixty-six years ago. During all that time, she never once revealed the secret ‘locked’ in her heart. So when, through no real fault of her own, her ‘key’ falls into the hands of twenty-four-year-old refugee Nader, we are taken on an adventure – traveling to his exciting future and revisiting her devastating past – to find and return what is rightfully hers.

By combining a series of separate stories, involving multiple characters and timeframes, into one cohesive narrative, we are empowered with a sense of intrigue every step of the way. Narrated by the deceased groom, weaving a beautiful love story among dangerous warfare, Confessions of a War Child creates a mesmerizing atmosphere that will captivate readers from the very first words.

Inspired by true narratives of war children, with a unique mix of mystery, romance, and murder, the story blends fiction and truth in an engaging manner that can’t be denied. As the first installment, Confessions of a War Child is certain to resonate with readers around the world.

April 7
La Rayan Publishing
Matthew Horner

Customer Reviews

tdpuck02 ,

Confessions of a War Child

There is something so fundamentally profound about Confessions of a War Child. The intensity of love and loss compelled me from the very first page to experience this journey with each of the characters--to keep turning the pages without pause. Ultimately, though, it was the compassion, redemption, and forgiveness that pulled at my heartstrings. It was the unconditional love and affection that the narrator had for his Camilia that brought me to tears time and time again; it was the most beautiful and inspiring story I've ever had the pleasure to read.

I've never highlighted so many passages in a single book. I was captivated by the philosophical moments, ones that I've copied onto note cards and tucked safely into my own writing journal. I want the reminders of this book to show up everywhere I look. It will stay with me forever.

Chaker Khazaal has a created a masterpiece with this novel, and I commend him for crafting this exceptional story. I truly loved every moment


A beautiful story!

This is an interesting book that quickly takes you on a fun filled journey all the while reminding you that love and human compassion are at the root of all great stories.

This drama is told from the perspective of someone who truly understands what it means to love another. The relationship between the narrator and his lover speaks throughly of sacrifice, passion, and commitment to their unconditional love.

As the fictional tale of Kabar and Saghar comes into full view, forgiveness, family, and conflict are all woven together, ultimately teaching us about ourselves and our never ending desire in the pursuit of purpose. One of my favorite lines is “I won’t let the circumstances in my life define who I am. I will create myself as I wish”. This brilliant line is told from a compelling character. Someone who from you might not expect such self awareness, but soon realize is someone who has something interesting to say.

I strongly recommend everyone read this great story.

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