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"An inspiring, provocative encouragement to younger generations to exercise political clout....the author supplies a surprisingly sober analysis--one that's consistently reasonable and pragmatic....this is an intelligent call for practical reform....A spirited critique of American politicians' treatment of younger generations, and a plan of action for youth empowerment." Kirkus Review

“I recommend this book to all who desire imminent change, but I deem it a must-read for Millennials. …In his confession, this old man is guaranteed to convince the reader that serious issues can be conquered by working the democratic process--but the people must act.” Manhattan Book Review

“Exploring the ways that the baby boomer generation has robbed millennials of future economic stability, Moon uses in-depth research to quickly establish himself as an authority on the subject. … Anyone who is interested in learning a little more about economics, government, the environment, and the implications of the so-called “American Dream” is sure to enjoy Moon’s Confessions of an Old Man.” San Francisco Book Review

"If you value your country and the future of our society, and would like our future to be better, then buy this book. If you know someone who wants to learn about new ways of thinking outside the box and tired of the same failed ideas being used over and over that is ruining it for the current (and future) generations, buy this book for that person....I highly recommend this for anyone who wants a better country now and for its future generations." (5 stars) Indie Book Reviewers

"I recommend this book, "Confessions of an Old Man" to everyone who wants to read a clear, coherent vision of a better future for our country. Mr. Moon does a splendid job of stating his thesis in the beginning and backing it up with clear, coherent arguments throughout the whole book. Highly recommend." (5 stars) Sherrie Warner - Barnes & Noble Reviewer

"Munir Moon has a great ability to take complex ideas, concepts and put them in the simplest terms for all to understand easily and in a way that we can relate to, no matter if you are a Millennial, or a Baby Boomer, or a Gen X-er....a well-rounded approach to critical thinking and improving the conditions and can improve lives for future generations."(5 stars) Stefan Beacher - Goodreads Reviewer


The future is being stolen from the millennial generation. Baby boomers have much to answer for: a legacy of economic instability, poor job growth, and an environmental disregard. Confessions of an Old Man is a statement of collective guilt that places the responsibility on the author's generation for dealing a bad card to its children.

This is a call to action for the MI generation (defined as those born between 1980 and 2018)-a generation with the most to lose if the United States continues with its current domestic and foreign policies. Millennials are paying the bills for their parents' neglect and they must have a say in their own future. Confessions of an Old Man is also a call to those parents and grandparents who want to leave a better America for their children and grandchildren.

The elections of 2018 and 2020 will be the most significant elections of this generation. The US House of Representative is filled with aging representatives (many of whom have held office for at least 20 years have become part of the permanent political class) who are out of touch with the priorities of the coming generation. At least 51 incumbent congresspersons are not seeking reelection in 2018—a record and the best chance for turnover in congress. We can effectuate change. Now is the time. This book challenges the MI Generation to take charge of its destiny or have the future decided by rich old white men.

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July 4
Munir Moon
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