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Sahara - the final installment of the Confessions of a War Child trilogy.

Focused on the rise of terrorist acts, and ongoing unrest in the Middle East, the concluding novel blends real-time conflict with fiction, twisting and turning - at full throttle - down a bumpy road of trickery, remorse and adoration.

In Confessions of a War Child - Sahara, the power of love vs. the love of power becomes a potent struggle when intertwined with a deadly confession. A traitorous spy. His beautiful wife. Secrets and lies. One knife. Two hearts. Their love unravels in a pool of blood. A tragic murder-suicide.

- paralyzed by fear, consumed with guilt, defenseless -

Narrated by a new character in the trilogy, his presence is felt from chapter one's 'Revelation', to the final 'Confession'. A broken soul, he maneuvers his way to the World of the Dead, Searching for his beloved wife Sahara - so named after her country of birth - he casts his eyes down to his beloved home Sahara. Witnessing the revolution from afar - death and destruction brought about by his hand - she is the only Sahara that matters.

'Fear is the only feeling that deters us from making our dreams come true.' 'Was it more important to live a dream than to fulfill one?'

Over the years, Chaker has traveled throughout the Middle East, speaking to war children and refugees in conflict zones. He was so inspired by their stories, the writing seed was sown. Flourishing into a trilogy, this unique mix of intrigue, murder, and romance - spanning eighty-three years, and into the future - has come to an end .. or has it?

Fiction & Literature
June 22
La Rayan Publishing
Mint Associates Limited

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