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As a career counsellor, I have met thousands of people throughout the course of my life. Iíve seen extremely successful people lead their lives as if they were born to rule the world. They knew what they wanted to do. And they went after it with everything they had, heart, mind and soul.

Thereís one characteristic that sets successful people apart from others. Makes them stand out like lions amidst a herd of sheep. Itís easy to spot them, thanks to that unmistakable aura. What is that quality?

Iíve had many people write to me. They express their fears, lack of self-esteem. They tell me how they shiver at the thought of addressing people. Whether itís a public speech or a social gathering, fear grips them and prevents them from doing anything else. Some of my friends also have the same problem. Not that they donít work hard. No. They give everything they have. Yet, they struggle to become successful.

So, what is that quality that separates successful people from others? You guessed it. Itís confidence. Iíve observed that most people are willing to work and give it their best shot, but they lack confidence.

What exactly is confidence, though? Is it some mysterious secret you canít possess? And why is it so hard to gain confidence especially when you need it the most? Well, confidence is a momentary emotion of clarity, certainty and control. Clarity of your thoughts, control over your mind, body and actions, and certainty for performance followed by commitment to your goal.

Confidence is derived from ìfidereî ñ from Latin, which means ìtrustî. Simply put, confidence is about trusting yourself. Then why does that trust waver at times? Because confidence is not permanent. Itís a momentary strength that needs to be practiced. There are several techniques, scientific and creative to do that. And, this book will reveal 101 ways to do it

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February 18
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