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As a philanthropist or grantmaker, what do you wish you could do better? What’s standing in your way? How do you eliminate the thoughts and practices that hinder your efforts and elevate the ones that enhance your effectiveness? 

In Confident Giving, you’ll learn ways to: 

• Advance the vision and leadership that guides your philanthropy 

• Create clear strategies to drive the philanthropic process 

• Improve your grantmaking process and outcomes 

• Streamline your operation for greater efficiency 

• Improve relationships with grantees 

• Share your stories in meaningful ways 

• Incorporate evaluation into every initiative

• Leverage the work of others to increase everyone’s impact 

• Think more like a strategic philanthropist 

• Maintain your personal focus and sanity in the philanthropic world 

• Create effective relationships with philanthropy consultants to add value to your efforts 

Whether your philanthropic decisions emanate from your living room or in foundation board room, Confident Giving will provide you with wisdom and expertise that result in more impact for your charitable investment. 

“Having known and worked with Kris for years, I’m always eager to find Confident Giving in my inbox. The ideas she shares are easy to read and engaging to think about—and have shown me many ways to improve our own strategies.” 

— Nonet Sykes, Director of Race, Equity, and Inclusion, Annie E. Casey Foundation 

“Kris shares the kind of advice that one wishes every consultant would give— insightful, useful and to the point, and always with good humor. She provides clear and inspiring thinking that comes from her experiences and a clear passion for our field.” 

— Peter Long, President & CEO, Blue Shield of California Foundation 

“We live in a time of massive and accelerating change and no organization or sector is immune to these forces of change. Philanthropy, at its peril, may think it is not affected, and Kris provides hard-earned and deeply thought-through insights that challenge the embedded assumptions and orthodoxies of the field of philanthropy – arriving, in the end at a commonsensical and gentle critique of our field. To gain these insights, a front-to back read is not required, rather, the format allows easy access to any topic that may be top of mind.” 

— Terry Mazany, President and CEO, Chicago Community Trust

May 31
Kris Putnam-Walkerly
Putnam Consulting Group, Inc.

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