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A propane truck falls from an overpass, killing dozens of innocent people on the freeway below. When Robert Herrick, one of Houston's most respected trial lawyers, agrees to represent the families of the victims, a bizarre chain of events is set into motion that ultimately threatens his career, his family, even his life. Pitted against the ruthless lawyer Jimmy Coleman, partner in the mega-firm Booker & Bayne, Herrick finds himself careening between black-tie balls and opulent private jets to an underworld populated by drug pushers and topless dancers. With hundreds of millions of dollars and his own life and practice at stake, one lawyer struggles to find justice for his clients even while a psychopathic murderer lurks in the shadows.

The acclaimed novel of greed, lawyers, secrets and justice--now in a quality Apple eBook format, with active TOC and proper presentation.


" . . A gripping courtroom drama that you wonít want to put down! . . . full of devious characters, dramatic action and authentic legal dilemmas . . . . outshines anything currently available in lawyer novels, or on the large or small screen, in terms of suspense and true gut-grabbing, edge-of-the-seat excitement!"

--Paul Rothstein

Commentator on Legal Affairs, CNN

"Much like a real jury, the reader follows the twists and turns of the proceedings, until reaching a very surprising conclusion."

--Barry Scripps

Executive Director, Scripps League Newspapers

". . . Conflict of Interest was so much fun to read, a real page turner with no end of tension and excitement. I read it practically nonstop. . . .  Any person who has never tried a jury case from start to finish can see it exactly as the lawyers in the courtroom do."

--Terry Ney

Past President, State Bar of Virginia

"If you donít like lawyers, you need to read this book. If you do like lawyers, then you especially need to read it."

--Cappy Eads

Past President, National District Attorneys' Association

". . . A brilliantly woven tale of suspense . . . as only a real trial lawyer could tell it!"

--Jim Branton

Past President, State Bar of Texas

"A suspense novel with a real-life look at the practice of law . . . . the good, the bad and the ugly, as only an attorney could reveal it!"

--Richard Alderman

KTRK News, Channel 13 (ABC-TV Houston)

". . . A spellbinding journey into the trade craft of modern day legal practitioners. Crump entertains his readers with a brutally realistic view of what itís like to be a lawyer . . . . It's got all the right stuff!"

--Bill Balleza

News Anchor, KPRC, Channel 2 (NBC-TV Houston)

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