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"I have opened a channel to the science station on EMS2. They have been informed of the situation. I will stream data real time. If the ship is destroyed they will have the information," the AI informed him.

"That's not a comfort."

Daniel Cooper finally has the ship he wants and the crew he selected. If they survive a dense particle stellar flare, they have a mission to complete. Find a rare power source before Earth runs dry and keeping the planet safe becomes a lot more difficult.

Elie Casalobos and the SFPT-109, John F. Kennedy, stand between a vulnerable world and an enemy that wants the planet's assets. An enemy with the spacecraft and firepower to take what they want.

The Galvari Confederation controls a score of planets in the Alpha Quadrant. The military-based society controls their region in space with an iron grip. The leadership has decided to extend its grip. Planets under the protection of the new Orion Spiral Alliance are in the path of their expansion plans. Only one small Space Fleet Ship stands in the way.

The resources required to keep the Galvari Confederation supplied are on planets on the edge of their boundary. If their decision to expand their borders works, they can take the next steps. They have their eyes on the secrets of Earth technology and the wealth of the Trade Alliance Worlds.

Unless a ship and crew can hold them off until help arrives.

Don Foxe has received three READERS' FAVORITE 5-Star Awards, BOOK VIRAL's Best in Genre Award for Science Fiction, and ONLINE BOOKCLUB's 4 of 4 Stars Review twice.

Foxe takes his crisp style and passion for action one step further with Space Fleet Saga #7, CONFLUX.

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 20
Caballus Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

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