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The goal for this electronic book is to provide a novel means for learning the very fascinating field of congenital heart surgery.  This is a multimedia learning tool providing text, sketches, video echocardiograms, and intraoperative movies, fully annotated to provide the reader a unique educational format and a superior learning experience compared to a standard medical text book.  This electronic publication has been written to educate the masses.  It can be utilized by trainees in cardiac surgery, cardiology, critical care, nursing, and other healthcare disciplines that care for children with congenital heart disease. Furthermore, and perhaps more importantly, it can be read by parents and families who may have a child with congenital heart disease to gain a clearer understanding of their child’s heart defect.  It is the sincere hope of all the authors that this education tool informs and inspires the reader.

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July 20
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CVOffice, LLC

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stephanie michelle whiting ,

A Lifesaver... there is nothing else on the market like this book

As a nursing student, this book enabled me to understand many of the heart surgeries that I was shadowing. Until I found this book, I was lost trying to understand the complex procedures I witnessed. Most online resources did not provide enough detail or were too elementary, and most textbooks required extensive medical terminology to understand. Dr. Boston has created an intermediate book for those who are not cardiac surgeons but who want more detail than can be found easily online. It was a life-saver for me, and while the subject material is still pretty advanced (from my perspective), the illustrations and videos provided much needed context that greatly aided my learning. I reference it often. Highly recommend.