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Living in paradise, Sydney loves her job, her friends, and her passion for marine biology. Her best friend, Henry, has an invested interest in her, but Sydney never seems to notice. While Henry is the perfect man, she only dates the wrong guys. Her ex-boyfriend cheated on her, broke her heart, and now she’s too shattered to give anyone a chance. 

Until Coen… 

A sexy bad boy with a tattoo, he elicits dark desires Sydney hasn’t felt in so long. His intense eyes, the color of the sea, capture her sight, making it impossible to look away. She tries to avoid him, knowing he’s no good for her, but Coen, who always gets what he wants, doesn’t take no for an answer. 

Will Sydney regret this decision? Or will she find what’s been missing her entire life? The family she lost, the loves she misses, and the trust she never thought she could have for someone else?

March 4
Fallen Publishing
Erika Todd

Customer Reviews

Entangled Embrace ,

Connected By The Sea Review

I throughly enjoyed this book and can't wait for more of the story in the next books.

This is the first time I have read anything by this author. She is now one of my favorites and I will be looking into her stories as well.

TS131313 ,


The story was fine but the writing was not as good as some of the author's other books. The point of view changed in the book which was distracting. The lead character was a little annoying.

Crystalynn_x ,

Connected by the Sea

This book is absolutely worth reading. I love the story between Sydney and Coen.This author has a special way of making feel every emotion the characters feel. I can’t wait to see what happens next!! In the novel, she doesn’t go from 3rd person to 1st and you would see that if you actually pay attention and read carefully!!!!! LOVE THE BOOK ;)

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