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He’s her willing prisoner, but it’s her heart that needs guarding…

Rose Mendez just ended her military career in the Terran army. Now, instead of working on her home planet, where desperate citizens are tormented daily by Cerulean forces, she’s landed her dream job of running the beautiful hydroponic farm on a luxury spacecraft. When the captain pulls her off the farm and puts her on guard duty protecting a Cerulean prisoner, she’s beyond resentful of the big blue warrior she has to babysit.

Rex Tylarr happily left behind his brutal days in the Cerulean army, and has spent years loyally protecting the staff and guests as Head of Security on the Stargazer II. When he has to turn on his own people to protect a VIP guest from a Cerulean uprising onboard, he winds up jailed with the rest of the Ceruleans. For his own safety, the captain of the ship decides to put him under house arrest instead, with a curvy little hydroponic farmer who seems to hate him with a white-hot passion. Rex can’t help wondering if he’d have been better off taking his lumps in the cell.

But when dangerous chemicals go missing and strange creatures are spotted prowling in the ship’s forest, Rex and Rose have to put their differences aside to save the ship and its passengers. The trouble is that each new twist of the unfolding mystery binds them closer together and makes it harder to ignore the sizzling attraction that irresistibly tempts these enemies to become lovers.

If you like strong women, hunky aliens, wild adventures, steamy sensual scenes, and happily-ever-afters, then you’ll love the world of Stargazer!

Stargazer Alien Space Cruise Brides:

Crowned Mate

Cosmic Mate

Conquered Mate

May 21
13th Story Press
13th Story Press

Customer Reviews

singneon ,


Heartfelt & very intense space adventure. I felt sorry for Rex, he's really been misjudged yet his experience builds his strength without animosity. He is stubborn though. I like Rose too, she is strong, independent, just a tad cocky, a little insecure and just as stubborn. Surprisingly they work very well together, most times. I think this is the most suspenseful in the series which adds more adrenaline to their story and suits the characters well considering their former lives. Love is in the air but who conquered who? Love it!!! I was provided a free copy without obligation which I am voluntarily reviewing.

owl2772 ,

Love Hate

Love hate relationship. That is what Rose has with Rex thanks to her life growing up under Cerulean rule. Rex is Cerulean and was the head of security until an attempt on a senator’s life which he thwarted. Rose is given the task a babysitting Rex under house arrest and she is not thrilled. Rex is just happy to be out of the cell and the constant beatings of being called a traitor. As they begin to get to know each other there is an attraction, but circumstances only allow them to take it so far. While this is going on in her personal life, the ship is experiencing some unexpected mysteries that by working together they solve.

R Starchman ,

Conquered Mate :Stargazer Alien Space Cruise Brides #3 by Tasha Black

This is the 3rd book in the Stargazer Alien Space Cruise Brides series and it was as fantastic as the other two . In this one Rex the Cerulean that had been head of security when there was an attempt on the ambassador . Although he had helped save her he was arrested with the other in order to keep peace . Rose ex military was given the task of keeping Rex under her supervision so he wouldn’t have to stay in holding . So much happens that these two have to work together and grow closer . This book is a must read along with the other books in this series . I loved each one of these books .

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