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Conscious Bias, A Monica Spade Novel

A legal thriller that explores visceral bias, cultural alliances, and the power of love in Apple Grove, Wisconsin.

The crime-

A month ago, in a drunken stupor, Trevor McKnight–son of the prominent McKnight family–punched Abdul Seif in the face at a college bar and left him unconscious on the sidewalk. Even though Abdul was rushed to the hospital, he died a few days later. Now, Trevor is on trial for the felony murder of Abdul, a Saudi foreign exchange student.

The client-

Monica Spade is a rising star among lawyers in her small city of Apple Grove. When the president of the hospital asks Monica to prepare high-profile physicians to testify at Trevor's trial, she eagerly agrees, thinking their heroic attempts to save Abdul's life will be straightforward testimony. 

The defense-

Trevor's slick defense lawyer deploys a number of deceptive tools to obscure the facts and shift the focus of the prosecution, including taking aim at Monica's physician clients.

The bias-

Monica is shocked to find herself in the middle of a ferocious courtroom battle that uncoils demons of bias against a Muslim with dark skin who isn't from Apple Grove. Faced with death threats and her career in jeopardy, Monica is forced to make a choice–help the hospital and DA, or succumb to the pressure of her law firm and the powerful McKnight family.

The romance-

While in the public eye, Monica develops romantic feelings for Shelby St. Claire, a sexy art teacher who dazzles Monica with pantherine grace at CrossFit class. Struggling with her fear of being outed at her sexist, all-male law firm, Monica must decide whether to risk her career for love and justice.

Mysteries & Thrillers
May 24
Archieboy Holdings, LLC

Customer Reviews

sticksn03s ,

Awesome read!

Well written. There are so many topics in this book that it’s not just about two women finding each other and falling in love. That said, this book is so much more and it would do you a great justice to read it.
Yes sex oozed off the pages but it was hot and tastefully done that it in itself made you think of the possibilities.

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