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First a warning; my concepts deal with an expanded understanding of God, I curse, I go outside mainstream in thinking, and if you are easily offended stop here so I don’t do so! If you are open minded and free thinking, dig in and enjoy, I don’t want to wound anyone’s inner child!
To me the biggest questions have always been, why are we here, what exactly are we, and where do we go after we pass on? This also leads a thinking person to include what is the purpose of all these processes? While it is a big bite to take, and more than a mouthful to chew, there are obvious answers and conclusions to be found. The way I found to do this was to start from scratch with a “fresh” open viewpoint, climbing out of the box to improve perspective, and looking at the bigger picture over all.
All the brightest pioneers took issue with the existing theories since they lack many answers, and are nothing more than observations. How things really work, or shall we say the “fundamental principles upon which they operate,” is the key to understanding the workings of life. When we base our understanding of things on “flawed” existing ideas, we can not, and will not, ever uncover the truth about the issues we seek answers for.
The reason for this is as plain as the nose on your face! We all have to start questioning the validity of the information that we base formulas, science, and yes even the “Soul” upon! When you cannot achieve an answer or satisfactory outcome no matter how you crunch the input facts or figures, it becomes necessary to re-examine the input information. This is disturbing and a problem for many people, who insist on merely re-working the existing inputs of accepted sources.
Sadly many are afraid to question the validity of the information they base their beliefs on. When I re-examined my beliefs, I made sure I really started at square one, as not to build on anything I had previously accepted, and thereby merely re-working the old. Why do you think you are just supposed to accept it as so, and the “Bible says” and that’s just the way it is? Society breeds “Sheeple” and it isn’t accidental.
These people for the most part mean us no harm, they just have no clue or idea or answer to give you, so we are told to just accept it! I wanted more, and I started at square one! Where’s the missing information? Where we didn’t look of course!
Let’s start with our processing unit, or our brain. The first thing to consider is that we don’t use some 90+% of our brain, or are at least unable to designate understandable function to. Right off the bat 9/10ths of the processing unit appears to not function or not be required for operation! We run on under 10% of our capabilities to live our lives, therefore we are infants mentally, and have a lot to learn, mankind is a “baby” as yet I think.
Science is now starting to show that an invisible “quantum energy” is powering atoms, as well as biological functions of cells and DNA, growth patterns, instincts, and speculate likewise us! Eternal forces outside of space/time, and powerful invisible energies, also make up a large part of our existence, unknown to us.
The universe as well only shows us 10% or less of what it consists of! “Dark Energy” and “Dark Matter” are needed to explain the dynamics and energy of the universe. This is not in dispute, cosmology requires and observes the effects, and it just can’t see it! The point is that from the atom, to the universe itself, at least 90% of the answers are not there until you know where to look, and the answers often lie in what we cannot see.

Religion & Spirituality
April 3
Attila Vincent
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