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“Constellation Orion: The Immortal Hunter” is an illustrated e-book created by Warren Manser, and written by Warren Manser with Erik Rakoczy. By weaving mythology with science fiction, the e-book is a re-imagining of the most ancient adventure story in recorded history - the Sumerian "Epic of Gilgamesh”.

Before Hercules or Achilles, there was Gilgamesh - The King of Uruk circa 2900 B.C. “The Immortal Hunter” chronicles the epic tale of the restless Sumerian King Gilgamesh and his stout companion Enkidu, who defied the Gods by undertaking an incredible journey to find their hidden temple atop Mount Duranki. Driven by his relentless will, it was there that Gilgamesh sought his long lost ancestor Ziusudra, who held the secret to eternal life. His journey exacted an unbearable toll for defying the Gods, but through wisdom gained our hero eventually found an immortality of a different kind.

“The Epic of Gilgamesh”, the creation epic “The Enuma Elish”, and other ancient stories are part of a rich tapestry of mythology from Mesopotamia that have been woven together from writings of the Akkadian and Sumerian cultures. The timeless nature of these stories is evidenced in later Greek Myths and Biblical Tales. The story of the hero’s journey, a determined figure that takes his fate into his own hands, conveys a powerful message of man’s ability to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. It is his unwavering will that shapes his destiny, and allows him to create his own path. The Hero Gilgamesh is just such an Archetype, and perfectly defines a Man who is driven enough to battle the Gods themselves.

"Constellation Orion" captures the grandeur of Sumerian mythology by re-imagining it in a way as never before. Inspired by unorthodox theories of man’s creation, “The Immortal Hunter” embraces our ancient alien origins. A full cast of relatable characters, shocking creatures, hidden treasures, and powerful deities further enriches our Gilgamesh’s epic journey. The story's e-book layout maximizes the reader's visual experience on a tablet or other visual e-readers. Stunningly illustrated and creatively written, “Constellation Orion: The Immortal Hunter” is a work that will capture the imagination of those already familiar with Sumerian and Akkadian mythology, and will introduce those unfamiliar with it by drawing them into the splendor of these classic tales.

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21 décembre
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Mansart, Inc.

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Sue Stormy Skies ,

Amazing story, beautiful artwork!

This is a unique and wonderful telling of the story of Gilgamesh and his quest for immortality. It is entirely illustrated, but it is not a comic book. The art work is truly awesome.The story reminded me of Robert E. Howard or Edgar Rice Burroughs, as this also has strong characters and action, while being respectful of the mythology. It even has Enkidu!!! The sci-fi angle was a nice twist and works well. I appreciate the detail they put into this story.