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One morning during a busy clinic my dead grandfather dropped in for a chat...

This sent me off on a journey: a mad dash through territory populated by mediums, psychics, poltergeists, and ghost hunters. Along the way I met some fascinating and often strange people.

Let me take you with me as I travel through the hinterland of what we touchingly call reality. I'll introduce you to some of the people and beings I met on my journey. You'll get the inside story, the nuts and bolts of how someone like me can train to become a medium. 

Dr. Ian D. Rubenstein is a U.K. doctor who works in Enfield, North London. Since training as a medium, he has attempted to use the mediumistic skills he has learned in his medical work as a primary care physician. For more information about Dr. Rubenstein and his book, visit his website: drianrubenstein.com.

“Consulting Spirit tells a fascinating story about a self-described ‘skeptical physician’ who found himself becoming a medium. Dr. Ian D. Rubenstein, the author, put his newly discovered skills to practical use in his practice of medicine, and this is what makes the book unique. Dr. Rubenstein found a way to make contact ‘with the realm of Spirit,’ and provides a path for ‘practical mediumship’ that his readers will find absorbing and provocative.” — Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., co-author, Demystifying Shamans and Their World

“A remarkable story, told with good humor and an engaging touch of bewilderment at the workings of the ‘spirit world’ into which the author found himself unwittingly plunged. Despite his light-hearted approach, he has a serious message to convey—that, as he puts it, ‘somewhere along the way, modern medicine has missed a trick or two.’ I found the book as instructive as it was enjoyable, and cannot recommend it too highly.” — Guy Lyon Playfair, author of The Indefinite Boundary

“Ian Rubenstein is an ideal narrator as he takes us through his own personal story of exploring the paranormal, which he tells in a warm and informal way. He is infectiously curious, albeit a skeptic and a doctor who readily admits he does not know the answers but is keen to find them out. His lesson to us all? Keep an open mind." — Sarah Hartley, Mail on Sunday

January 17
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