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*Book 2 in The Hunger series.* 

Nestled in the Appalachian Mountains and dissected by three rivers, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is an idyllic city. It's quiet, the traffic is nonexistent, and floating down the Allegheny River on a boat is peaceful and serene. 

It's perfect… as long as you can ignore the mindless monstrosities roaming the streets, vampires ruling the night, and the insane, power-hungry human survivors. Mankind has devolved, mutating into mindless horrors. Only weeks ago, they built skyscrapers and traveled to space. Now they attack anything with flesh, driven by the never-ending desire to consume. 

Lance York, and his unlikely companion Cass, have survived the apocalypse. Much to their surprise, that was the easy part. They've fled the city, struggling to find food and shelter, fighting against the nightmarish infected and the militant living, willing themselves to endure through each day. 

The world has collapsed, but the fight has just begun. 

***Short story, LOTION, is included. This story started the world created in THE HUNGER.***

Fiction & Literature
September 10
Jason Brant
Jason Brant

Customer Reviews

😸🙂🙃 ,


I love this series

David Reff ,

Spectacular series

I thought the first book was great. But this one was even better. A lot of good things and bad things happen, and the action will have you chewing your nails at the end of your seat.
That protagonists are fabulous.
Read this. You will NOT be disappointed!

Familyzombiefun ,

Loved it!!

What a great series! Keep writing! Love the characters and the storyline! I couldn't stop reading the first two books in Hunger series and can't wait to buy the third! If you want a brief escape to another world, I recommend this series! Going to buy #3 right now!

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