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“…Rajagopal is one of those rare breeds in academics in Marketing and Strategy area who has published regularly on contemporary themes. Marketing today has undergone a significant change largely due to the interplay of three forces- technology, globalization, and changing demographics. Never before the markets have been so challenging and consumers so confused as is today. Emerging from his lectures and vast experience of teaching in different geographies including India, I am confident that Dr. Rajagopal’s work will prove to be valuable to all students and researchers in marketing area.”

Rajan Saxena, PhD, Vice Chancellor, Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, India
“Making decision in marketing has become complex today, which is entangled with manifold performance indicators including consumer engagement metrics. Data, decision grids, and psychodynamics of consumers have pushed the managers into global labyrinth. This book explains the decision metrics at the grassroots of markets, synthesizing the extensive teaching and research experience of Dr Rajagopal, and sheds light into the effective use of data and analytics for understanding consumers and business decisions. It makes the book a must read for managers and all management students…”
Maria de Lourdes Dieck-Assad, PhD, Vice President for Hemispheric and Global Affairs, University of Miami, USA

The broad foundation of this book is laid on the conceptual discussions on consumer theories and applied arguments on shifts in consumer behavior. This book develops knowledge and skills on building market-centric and competition-oriented models. Discussions in the book illustrate strategies for managing competitive market interventions through advanced marketing-mix elements across nine chapters. Various perspectives on innovation and technology for expanding and establishing business in competitive markets are critically reviewed in these chapters. This book examines advanced marketing-mix and several consumer-centric strategies to co-create new businesses in new markets by associating consumers.

Business & Personal Finance
February 1
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