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How do you find a secret facility that may just be enriching plutonium - a secret facility in a country notoriously adverse to westerners – a country in the heart of the middle-east – and all without starting a war?

Cleo Deseronto doesn't know how to trust. She considers herself a washed-up military pilot, and can't imagine why a Joint Taskforce would be interested in her. Even when the head of the MI6's Special Operations Executive lays on the charm, she assumes it's more for her cousin and soon to be team member, Bo Commanda.

Together, they join forces to lead a team of Mohawk cultural ambassadors, in a staged around-the-world flight tour, with the lone goal of uncovering evidence of Iran's secret nuclear weapons program.

Like any good leader, she's determined to get her team in and out of Iran. To succeed, her best offense may be to ride into battle backwards! As a two-spirited medicine woman, she knows the contrary approach might just be the advantage her team needs.

This modern spin on the early OSS and Commonwealth SOE, sets three women warriors on a fateful collision course with an old-time CIA handler, the changing dynamics of today's cultural norms, and the politics of being women in the good old game called Intelligence!

The distinct guiding principles that separate the USA, United Kingdom, and Canada, are thoughtfully inter-woven, introducing the First Nations, the question of loyalty, and issues such as Gays in the military. Warning: This fast paced romp through the secret world of western spy craft, comes with high-flying adventures, mysterious players and secret locations, and two very different women warriors; an RCAF officer and her cousin, a US Marine.

Fiction & Literature
September 5
Sheryl Wright
Draft2Digital, LLC

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