Contrasts: More than meets the MRI

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Over one hundred million people around the globe have been injected with contrast during an MRI scan in good faith that it was the right thing to do. But what if that trust was misplaced? And what if, rather than MRI contrasts being essential for making diagnoses that save many lives, they seldom add additional information that can't be obtained in other ways? Contrary to the claims that MRI contrast is safe, it's now indisputable that it's retained longterm inside your body, while there's no evidence this is without ramifications.

This is the reality that more and more people are waking up to every day. Discover the horrifying truth that this billion-dollar industry is trying to hide from you.

Are you considering getting an MRI scan with contrast? You probably don't have all the information you need to make an informed decision. But after reading this book, you'll be armed with all the tools you need to confidently talk to your doctor about whether MRI contrast really is the right choice for you.

And if you've already had one or more injections, you'll get clear on the insidious damage gadolinium from MRI contrasts can wreak inside your body, because the research on how gadolinium toxicity can affect your health is steadily mounting.

Nutrition and lifestyle expert, Dr Catriona Walsh, explains how MRI contrast can contribute to you feeling run-down, burnt-out, unwell, and in pain. Her own experiences recovering from MRI contrast toxicity, combined with her medical training and education in nutrition and lifestyle coaching, place her in a unique position to understand the science behind gadolinium toxicity and come up with powerful, natural strategies to help you combat it. She'll point you towards some actions you can start taking today to help counteract the harm and begin on the road to recovery from MRI contrast side effects.

Inside, you'll learn about the best dietary approaches to:
support your healthboost your elimination pathwayscrank up your metabolismdampen inflammation
You'll also discover how to feel better by:
limiting your exposure to other common toxinsadopting lifestyle practices that help eliminate noxious substancesprioritising sleepincorporating other timeless lifestyle hacks to improve your wellbeing
Praise for Contrasts: More than meets the MRI

CONTRAST will be helpful to those who are chronically ill and wondering, "What happened to me?!"  It shines a light in the very dark room and exposes the truth behind unnecessary medications and the side effects that follow administration. You will laugh, cry and scream when you read this book. But mostly, you will be happy you finally understand what happened to you

The 30 minutes you spend reading this will most definitely change your life for the better, or prevent someone else from suffering a life of hell in their own skin. READ THIS! 

Suzy Cohen, RPh 

Author of Drug Muggers

Health, Mind & Body
February 3
The Food Phoenix
Draft2Digital, LLC

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