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We all have the power to make our lives better in an instant. You have absolute power to control your crazy. In his new book, Vinny from Jersey Shore shares the step-by-step program that has helped him get a handle on his anxious mind and filled him with a sense of personal power and control that has rocked every facet of his life.

April 17
Potter/Ten Speed/Harmony/Rodale
Penguin Random House LLC

Customer Reviews

Karennn456 ,

5 Stars *****

This book was written beautifully ! It is very down to earth and he really makes you feel connected to him. There's so many feelings and thoughts that are always wrecking my brain that I usually can't express in words and Vinny just hits it right on the head. He is an extremely talented, educated and smart individual- Don't take him for a fool or think this jersey shore guy can't have anything decent to say. He also brings humor into the book as well and had me laughing every now and then. Above all this is a great book that started helping me in his first chapter. It really gets your mind thinking about positive things and he really directs you in a straight path to break the vicious anxiety cycle. I recommend this book to everyone regardless of your current situation. I'm halfway through the book and stopped reading to make sure I came here to give Vinny his well deserved props. Thank you Vinny -

Bodriver2 ,

Control the Crazy

I just finished Control the Crazy and I am literally stunned. I am twice VG's age and on a good day do not have half his wisdom and cool. How a kid his age writes such an unbelievably insightful and spot-on book is completely beyond me. Tell me you didn't have a bunch of phd's and writers write this book for you. You can not have possibly gained the sort of wisdom and knowledge found between the covers of this book. From a fellow anxiety sufferer, I thank you from the the bottom of my heart. You have given me the tools to face and once an for all "Control the Crazy." -- JKL

Erin2884 ,


Mediocre, far from great.