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Zirak Marker has very deftly handled sensitive yet critical topics such as death, suicide, abuse to name a few. Using simple language in a conversation format this book makes it very relatable for parents to be able to emulate and pick up tips to address these difficult discussions. A must read for parents of children of all ages, ìconversations that matterî will by all means serve as a go to guide which will always have the solutions that a parent seeks. ~ Ms. Neerja Birla, Founder & Chairperson - Aditya Birla Education Trust Conversations that Matterí could not have come at a more opportune time. The pandemic has thrown our children in at the deep end, leaving them, for the most part, floundering with issues that seek resolution. This book deals with compelling aspects of scholastic, intellectual, emotional and social areas which, of necessity, must mesh to ultimately give young people their sense of authenticity & identity. Zirak has thrown a lifeline to both youngsters and adults with thoughtful suggestions that have been painstakingly garnered over years of experience working with troubled and fragile young minds. A simple piece of advice that runs like a luminous skein through a seemingly arid and puzzling landscape from a childís point of view, is to keep the lines of communication open and meaningful between knowledgeable and caring adult and confused and curious child. ~ Meera Isaacs, Dean, Cathedral & John Connon School, Mumbai Communicating transparently with our children equips them with knowledge, awareness, compassion and character. These profound and relevant conversations during difficult times, helps focus on making our children better human beings rather than the usual focus on academia and achievements. ~ Senior Adv. Mrunalini Deshmukh, Indiaís leading Matrimonial Lawyer Guiding children through ëtough timesí helps build their resilience, which is key to their long-term happiness and success. Dr. Zirak Marker, with his decades of experience and wisdom, shows us the path. ~ Dr. Mahesh Balsekar, Sr. Paediatrician at SRCC Childrenís Hospital, specialising in critical care & high-risk neonatology; Author of ì0-2, Baby & Youî

April 3
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