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Freddie's outlook or comments about life now come from a different perspective as he has passed over. He views his life from this new existence.

This book is a record of his new perspective, he is charming, witty and spiritual.Once passed, Freddie experiences what is known as a viewing. Simply said it is the newly attained ability of the one who has passed to view their own life without judgement and with clarity of understanding.

It is not a biography as we will not tell you where Freddie ate or had his hair cut. It is not the purpose for this book as the facts are easily available on the internet. The sole purpose of this work is to relay the information Freddie passed to us through questions and answers. This is a true account of his perspective on life from his new position in the spiritual world. How he viewed himself in his physical life, may not at times resemble his viewpoint now. We thank you on advance and you can be assured these are the words of Freddie.

We met Freddie Mercury early one morning in late February 2013. Sussan and I had talked about the possibility of making contact with him on the previous day and she felt he was agreeable to come through. Channeling is about the host (Sussan) matching her vibration to the energy of the non-physical entity, in this case Freddie. Once this occurs the host relaxes and allows the non-physical entity to come through her and use her library of words and emotions to express themselves.

I immediately found strength in Freddie's direct and unashamed answers, he spoke without hesitation, he was in charge and knew exactly what his life was all about. I can only describe him as a 'straight shooter' as he talked freely about all the subjects we asked. He spoke about his early days at school in India, family, sister and the beginnings of the band Queen.

It was especially important to Freddie that we included discussions about all the members of the band and that we did not leave anyone out, as he reiterated, 'we were all part of the success of Queen'. We discussed Mary Austin, the love of his life and had a number of discussions on Brian May. Freddie described Brian as someone 'who would blow us all away' with his knowledge and understanding of the world, the universe and everything in between. It was Brian who gave Freddie great solace about the passage of his passing into the afterlife.

We laughed, we cried as Freddie told us of his sexuality and views on life, we had an education into the world of the superstar, nothing was left out. At one stage with tears in our eyes he gave an invitation to Brian to join us all at a dinner party in Freddie's honor and in his usual flamboyant style, told us to set his place at the table and said,

"Have a drink to life for me."

If you are a fan of Freddie Mercury or just curious you will find many answers about his life that have not been found or discussed in his biographies. You will laugh and cry, you might even sing a verse or two as Freddie talks to us from beyond the grave as we remember a man who reached the pinnacle of musical success. But this is not all about Freddie, it is also about the ones he left behind, the band, the soul mate and the lovers. So join us on an expedition into the world of Freddie Mercury and like us, you will feel something incredibly special for the experience.

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Ronald Ritter & Sussan Evermore
Ronald John Ritter & Susan Field

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Tad Banyon ,

You've Got To Be Kidding

What a load of garbage this book is. I'm sure the authors think they are doing something good by giving fans a chance to "hear from" Freddie from beyond the grave, but charging 6 bucks for a book of made-up conversations with the deceased is just exploiting the artist's death. The authors should be ashamed of themselves for trying to mislead fans with this ridiculous "channeling" nonsense. If you're dying to throw 6 bucks away, donate it to a charity. There is no reason to line the pockets of someone trying exploit the ignorant and
Scientifically naieve.

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